Zora Arthur

Zora ArthurI am so honoured to be able to offer Masks of Womanhood to all women who wish to walk the path of returning to their Truth; to delve deep within themselves and to discover who they intrinsically are.

I am Zora Arthur, a dedicated Priestess of the Goddess and Creatrix of Serpentine Moon and Co-Creatrix of Embody Your Spirit Retreat. I am deeply in touch with the Moon & Earth Cycles, Goddess Myth & Lore and Sacred Energy.

Serpentine Moon allows me to blend eastern and western shamanism practises to journey with and through the Goddess to reawaken women’s pathways to their inherent power, truth and transformation of self. I am grounded in my inner wisdom and enjoy sharing sacred circle for women to reawaken and open themselves to possibilities they hadn’t yet visioned for themselves.

My transformational circles and courses allow me to weave a web through your world identifying the dysfunction from within, helping you manifest it as something separate to you and then through your own empowerment send it back to the Great Mother.



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