Yvonne Lumsden

Yvonne Lumsden

Yvonne Lumsden is an author, modern-day medicine Woman, healer, creative soul and wild kundalini dancer. Deeply inspired and touched by the beautiful power of Reiki, Tantra and Kundalini Dance, she loves to share these practices.

Her work is intuitive with a focus on personal awakening, profound communication with the energetic and physical body, and a return to the wisdom of an open and vulnerable heart. Yvonne walks her own talk and gently guides others to be comfortable in their own skin, by showing them that vulnerability is not a weakness but the threshold to connection, growth, freedom & self-empowerment.

Something Yvonne never in her wildest dreams thought she would be doing is teaching women to love their yonis (vaginas) – now one of her many passions and missions in life! Yvonne’s ground-breaking book Heart of the Flower – the book of yonis is an inspirational, provocative and educational journey that celebrates the female body and challenges sexual taboos.

www.onelove.net.au is medicine for the soul, based in Brisbane.





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