Yoga & Meditation

Aikido for Women

With Shannon Ichikawa

Aikido for WomenAikido is a Japanese Martial Art that focuses the peaceful and harmonious aspects of the martial arts.  Aikido harnesses feminine wisdom as it uses the lines of nature and our Ki, or life force energy to move and flow in a martial dance.

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Early Morning Meditation

with Heather Price


A Shamanic Journey with the drum and the Ancestors to Expand The True Heart. You will be taken through a relaxing energy release meditation to prepare you for the day.

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Radiant Light Yoga

with Christine Clegg

Radiant Light Yoga focuses on operadiant light yoganing the heart, and feeling that quality within the practice. You can practice Radiant Light at all levels of fitness and flexibility, and enjoy creating your own experience of centred presence by your efforts.

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Laughter Yoga

With Shannon Ichikawa

laughing-baby-300pxDiscover the fun, silliness, roller-coaster, physical work out and stress relief that is Laughter Yoga.

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