Shamanic & Earth Wisdom

Walk Strongly in Joy, with your Ancestors

with Heather Price

beach walkDuring this workshop you will experience a powerful shamanic technology to transform energetic imprints that are no longer serving you, handed down to you from the Ancient Ones.

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The Earth Dances in Us All

with Robin Clayfield

golden forestThe Earth and all of nature dance their magic and essence in each step we take on our Earth journey. The Spirits and Ancestors of the land ground us, guide us and support us along the path. They show us the way.



Woman as Healers of Mother Earth

with Emma Brindal

emma brindall altar

Exploring ways that women can foster a deeper heart connection with Mother Earth, participating in her healing. Now more than ever there is a need to bring forth the sacred feminine to enable us to be part of the Earth’s healing, and steer away from the hyper-masculine forces that are impacting so intensely upon our planet.    More Info



Reconnect To the Ancient Ways – The Original Lores of the Land

with Ninindi Johnstone

sandstone rockJoin Us For The Renewal Of The Dreaming Ceremony – Life Changing And Earth Renewing – Discover the Secrets Your Ancestors Want You To Know About.

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The Dance of Life

with Yollana Shore

heart handThe Dance of Life is both a morning practice and a life affirming ritual, based on the shamanic traditions of the Cherokee people of North America. We use movements and chanting to weave the energies of life together and harmonise them within ourselves.

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