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Sing Your Heart

with Kate B

sing your heart

‘For centuries, women have gathered to share song and share joy. In ancient cultures singing was linked with the sacred and with healing in all stages of the life cycle. They came together to share their women’s wisdom, hold space for each other in a nurturing, safe and sacred space.’   More Info


Going Back to your Roots – A Sacred Kundalini Dance Journey

with Yvonne Lumsden

kundalini-danceAn invitation to connect deep within and come and dance in honour of your ancestors – to dance their fears their tears – it’s time to surrender and let go of all that no longer serves.

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Sacred Circle Dances

with Isabela Keski-Frantti and Sue Collins

Circle DanceThe whole Universe pulsates and dances the Cosmic Dance. Life is movement, life has rhythm and cycles. As dancers we become the connectors between Earth and Sky.

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Dancing Love

with Yollana Shore

yollana love heartDancing Love is a simple and profound journey to connect with the innate freedom of your essential being, through the gateway of your body.

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Moon Medicine Dance

with Rosie Waters

Moon danceTraditionally, in many cultures women retreated during their Moontime in order to connect with their Ancestors and their inner wisdom.  The power of this deep receptive space brought healing to the whole community.

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Dancing with the Ancestors – You are Never Alone

with Virginia Woods

dancing with ancestors

In a supported, guided meditative dance process enter into dreaming space with flute and drum, to discover, evoke and express the Ancestral spirit held in your body’s wisdom. Connecting to the essence of Who you are, receive the support of your Ancestors to look within, to step fully into life and pursue your life path with courage.

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Messages from a Dancing Heart

with Yollana Shore

messages from a dancing heartMessages from a Dancing Heart weaves together music, words and silence in a poetic journey that invites listeners deeper into the dance of the divine within their own hearts.

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