Workshops 2015

workshopWe had so many delicious and nurturing workshops for you to choose from in 2015, drawing their inspiration from various aspects of the year’s theme “Dancing in Our Ancestral Wisdom – Remember, Surrender, Embrace”.




creative weaving





Weaving Circle – with Rene Bahloo

Ancestral Face and Body Art – with Angel Randall

Creative Space – There will also be a craft space open throughout the gathering with various activities – a place for you to learn and share traditional skills or just hang out, relax and chat. We invite you to bring along your spinning wheel, weaving, knitting, crochet, embroidery, beading or art supplies – whatever it is that you love to do to express your creativity. What you bring will help make this communal space even more special. Let’s create it together!



DIY natural beauty and spa





Spirit of Woman – with Annie Meredith

Secrets of the Feminine DNA – with Lisa Malcolm

Nourish and Revive – with Virginia Woods

Masks of Womanhood – with Zora Arthur and Kelli Brockman


Music & Dance

fire dance





Sing Your Heart – with Kate B

Kundalini Dance – with Yvonne Lumsden

Sacred Circle Dance – with Isabella Keski-Frantti and Sue Collins

Dancing Love – with Yollana Shore

Moon Medicine DanceRosie Waters

Dancing Your Life with the AncestorsVirginia Woods



sexual energy breathe





Sexuality and Ancestral Thread – with Chirone Shakti

Healing Our Ancestral Shadow – with Yvonne Lumsden

Embrace and Surrender to the Fire Within – with Pauline Ryeland

Breathe to Awaken your Sexual Energy – with Pauline Ryeland


Shamanic & Earth Wisdom

Sherridan Boyle





Walk Strongly in Joy with Your Ancestors – with Heather Price

The Earth Dances in Us All – with Robin Clayfield

Women as Healers of Mother EarthEmma Brindal

Reconnect to the Ancient Ways – The Original Lores of the Land – with Ninindi Johnstone



Yoga & Meditation

radiant light yoga





Early Morning Meditation – with Heather Price

Aikido for Women – with Shannon Ichikawa

Radiant Light Yoga – with Christine Clegg

Laughter Yoga with Shannon Ichikawa


More detailed information on each workshop is available by clicking on the workshop title or facilitator name.

You can also find our more about our 2015 facilitators here.


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