Facilitators 2014

There were so many delicious and nurturing workshops to choose from. This is what our talented facilitators offered in 2014.

Self Care and Breast Massage Awaken Your Radiance The Pleasure Programme Yoni Matrix Sacred Business
Practices for healing & harmony Put yourself first every day Stepping into your shining Living From Awakened Self
Your Wounds with Men Nia Body Sacred Sound Energy Wave A Taste of Access
Divine Feminine Blueprint Fat to Fabulous Kundalini Dance Tantric Dance of Relationships
Ignite Your Spirit Developing Your Spiritual Mastery Sacred Shamanic Journeys Luminous Women Temple Circle
Bravehearted Earthwomen Shine Flowering of the Heart Indigenous Lore & Ceremony  
Mette Sorrensen Self Care and Breast Massage with METTE SORRENSEN highspiritsretreat.com.au
Through massage, movement and meditations we explore how to "Wake Up & Shine". Still wondering about how to let go and take care of them? Come unwind in the sacred space within. Find your inner flame. Get ideas on how to do something proactive to turn things around. Embrace ancient ways to help yourself how to love your body and yourself more.
Chirone Shakti Awaken Your Radiance with CHIRONE SHAKTI chironeshakti.com.au
Explore and awaken the parts of your Feminine nature where you truly shine, parts of you that may be hiding or have closed down.  Reclaim your light, love and radiance, and shine again!   This experiential workshop uses an approach based on Systemic (Family) Constellations, a gentle shamanic healing modality that can bring about deep transformation.
Laura Doe Harris The Pleasure Programme with LAURA-DOE HARRIS yoni.com
Pleasure is healthy! It supports us to wake up and shine. Feeling good gives us energy, relieves stress, reduces pain and boosts the immune system. The Pleasure Programme offers entertaining overview of the science of pleasure’s power and practical techniques to support you in expanding your experience of pleasure through all the senses.
Luna Wood The Yoni Matrix Sacred Woman’s Business with LUNA WOOD sacredbeauty.com.au
Awakening the New Feminine in a dynamic world through ritual, shamanic practices and connection to Country: what it means to be woman in the 21st century. Welcoming you to a new map of your body and introducing the cycles of the Sacred Feminine, Luna awakens connection to who you really are, and your radiant place in your world. The LuminoGaia Medicine Wheel, Chakra balancing and Sacred Dance through the Yoni Matrix offer a healing reconnection to your Feminine Heart.
Marnie Collins Daily practices for healing & harmony with MARNIE COLLINS
"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure". Everyone has the capacity within themselves to be their own healer and bring more harmony into their daily lives. Marnie will share with you the most effective techniques to empower you as women, to look after your own wellbeing, in a practical, easy to understand and fun way using all the senses in a nurturing environment. Perfect if you're feeling overwhelmed, scattered or drained.
Linn Wiggins What if you put yourself first every day? with LINN WIGGINS www.herblady.com.au
What if you began to practise putting yourself first? Honouring your own needs not only allows you to light your own way to fulfilment, but shines the light for others to follow. What if you began to practise putting yourself first? To honour your needs before any others? It’s a radical concept to many, but honouring your own needs not only allows you to light your own way to fulfilment, but shines the light for others to follow. Learn how to let go of the guilt, and the “I should’s”, tap into your own dreams and open the space to live your passion and purpose (whatever that may be).
Pauline Ryeland Stepping into your shining with PAULINE RYELAND healthypassionateliving.com
There is no time like now to empower the goddess within so that you can truly walk in beauty and step out and shine! Discover ways to fully connect into yourself and the sensual, sexual goddess that you are. We'll talk about sexuality and how you can tap into your sexual energy, drawing upon this to be an empowered, confident and sexy woman. Using a combination of processes you'll clear what's holding you back and be able to fully embrace yourself and walk in beauty, stepping into your shining.
Karen McElroy Living From Your Awakened Self - Embodying your divine essence in daily life with KAREN MCELROY karenmcelroy.com.au
Create a rhythm and regular practice in your life that will allow you to hold the connection to your divine feminine essence strongly in the midst of a busy life. Using tools, techniques and practical strategies, arm yourself with a strong foundation to keep your body, mind and spirit healthy and vital. Exploring practical ways of how you can use sacred feminine resources, mindfulness, connection to nature, body wisdom, cycles and ritual to create a life that is integral, rich and meaningful and anchored to your true self.
Robin Clayfield Shine a Light on Your Wounds with Men with ROBIN CLAYFIELD dynamicgroups.com.au
Wake up to the fullness of who you truly are without your pain, triggers, wounds and story about men that you may have carried through your life. Together, with the support of a circle of women and the energies for healing and growth that surround the gathering, we'll drop all that blocks us from radiating our true heart and the fullness of our love. Through movement, ritual, sacred circle, creativity and play we'll bring light to the shadows, illuminate our fears, ignite unconditional healing and stand radiantly in our shining, beautiful selves.
Taryn Pallister Nia Body with TARYN PALLISTER www.niaaustralia.com.au
Fusing dance, martial arts and healing arts, you'll take a journey to wake up a variety of sensations as well as the sensation of being you, in your body. Being gently encouraged to truly shine your essence by moving in your bodies way. Nia is adaptable for all bodies, ages and fitness levels and performed to funky global beats.
Ninindi Johnstone Sacred Sound Energy Wave with NININDI JOHNSTONE ninindijohnstone.com
Discover how easy it is make beautiful sounds with your voice which allow for deep meditative brainwave states and heightened energetic awareness. Feel your authentic voice, relax from the inside out, receive a powerful tool (your own mantra) and feel completely natural in discovering your own vocal harmony and inner sound, gaining a new level of appreciation for your voice as an instrument of change and meditation.
Helen Melrose A Taste of Access with HELEN MELROSE
Learn some basic point of the bars, a hands on healing process, touching certain points on the head to release energy built up in certain areas such as money, control, creativity, ageing. Also learn about verbal energy clearing and techniques to create the life of your choosing. After having major shift and change in my life using the tools of Access, I am keen to share them with others also keen for change and creating a life full of Fun, Ease and Joy. And What Else Is Possible?
Tamara Newlands Reclamation of your Divine Feminine Blueprint with TAMARA NEWLANDS Sacred Union Foundation
Find out about the Blue Print on how to live, parent, love & create. By connecting to the Earth we wake up to the Power we embody as women, and nothing can stop us from shining, from our hearts. The mother is the Queen of unconditional love. Take a journey of healing, transformation and reclamation. Using meditation, Experiential Astrology to personalize your experience as well as dance; explore, re-align and deeply root and embody the Sacred Feminine Archetypes, so as to fully embody our own Divine Essence as Woman.
Elaine Gentles Fat to Fabulous- it's All Perception with ELAINE GENTLES
We as women from conception to present time, have been bombarded with social, cultural and media focus on our appearance and weight. The negative implications of this can lead to feelings of unlovability, undesirability, unworthiness and create ongoing psychological and mental stresses. In this workshop I will expose this story, and present aspects of my journey that have helped me overcome this social conditioning. To ensure that you don’t consciously and unconsciously contribute to the continuation of this destructive energy join me in this enlightening workshop.
Yvonne Lumsden Ignite Your Flame & Dance in Your Fire! with YVONNE LUMSDEN onelove.net.au
Kundalini Dance is an ecstatic dance practice that embodies the essence of Tantra. Using your authentic sound, movement and guided tantric breath practices you will take yourself on a transformational journey through your chakras. Calling in the energies of Shakti “she” helps us clear out the old & Shiva “he” brings in the new together these Divine energies help us clear stagnant emotional energy, bringing insight & clarity to limiting beliefs, raising your consciousness, rejuvenating your body & opening to abundant ecstasy!
Tantric Dance Yvonne Lumsden The Tantric Dance of Relationships with YVONNE LUMSDEN onelove.net.au
Are you in & out in your relationships? Do you notice a pattern in the type of partner you are choosing? Are you looking for greater intimacy in your life? Our first relationship is with ourselves. This is an invitation for you to come and get to know yourself and dive into the realms of relating - whether it is with a beloved, friend or colleague. You will learn where your patterns stem from & why you keep repeating them. You will learn how to change this cycle, how to re-ignite the flame & create deeper intimacy in your relationships.
Sri Deva Mulara Ignite Your Spirit with SRI DEVI MULARA
The meditation will be one to Ignite your Spirit, calling upon the sacred songlines of Mother Earth and universal and spiritual laws. 
You will experience a healing through meditation and be blessed with divine love. Who can resist such an invitation?
Yoni Matrix - Awakening Developing Your Spiritual Mastery with SRI DEVI MULARA
Living our life according to the principles of universal and spiritual laws creates the precondition for spiritual mastery that is directly relevant to living a life of abundance and happiness. What are these laws? Where do I begin? How can I manifest what I truly want? Why is raising our vibration important and how can I do this? Wherever you are on your spiritual path, you will gain personal insight into consciously leading your life with mastery.
Sherridan Boyle Sacred Shamanic Journeys with SHERRIDAN BOYLE
Sherridan's essence is one of Awakening, transforming and deeply grounding. As a Shamanic guide, she calls your spirit to move gently through the shifts, the birthing, and the unfolding.
Sherridan passionatley awakens and guides you to open and transform in a deeply held womb space. Ceremonial circle awakens the mother drum beat as you journey within the medicine wheel nurturing the inner fire with sacred sound, drum healing, shamanic breath healing, shakti body opening and inner world journeys.
luminous-lotus Luminous Women Temple Circle with DAWN GODDARD & LISA MALCOLM luminouswomen.com.au
A delicious experiential journey into both our personal and collective WombField energies. Learning to feel, express and shift personal and collective fear, pain and grief energies lodged within our sacral centres. Moving energies up and out physically with movement and sound and via our chakras, increasing the energies and light available to our womb chakras.
Learn also to receive the unbounded infinite Shiva Field into our beings, experiencing the enlightenment of the feminine/masculine subtle energies dance. With our wombs awakened and radiating, shining throughout the collective energy web of life be prepared to let the wild woman out.
heathers-workshop Bravehearted Earthwomen Shine with VIRGINIA WOODS & HEATHER PRICE
This dance will be devoted to celebrating the moments of bravery when we shine and show our ‘true heart’ to those around us. Through connecting to the beat of our own heart soul rhthyms we will honor these bravehearted parts of ourselves; trusting our natural dance impulse to express the fullness of our own power. Feel empowered, and share the experience with a group of women celebrating together to step into their own True Heart Dance.You will have an opportunity to be supported by two experienced facilitators who will together hold an energetic, shamanic, and creative space for you to explore and express the purity, beauty, and strength of your true heart. Through dance and sound, held by a deep connection with the elements, the earth, and sisterhood, you will find your personal signature that defines you as you ‘wake up’ to your True Nature.
Soraya Saraswati Flowering of the Heart with SORAYA SARASWATI
This workshop focuses on how to live with an open heart expressing oneself authentically with confidence and clarity. It explores "relationship" as the fundamental of all our interactions in life. The heart or anahata chakra not only governs creative expression, feeling & emotion it is associated with sound & music. In this workshop Soraya use the vehicle of sound and music as the language of the heart together with grounded wisdom and processes to release the past, allow forgiveness & find the strength to live in presence from the heart in a balanced way.
Indigenous Women's Lore Indigenous Women's Lore & Ceremony with TERRI-ANNE GOODRIED & AUNTIES
An opportunity to connect with the spirit of the ancestors through an Indigenous women's circle and ceremonial space.

Please note - while we will do everything we can to ensure the advertised programme is available, changes may occur due to unforseen circumstances. In this case every effort will be made to provide an alternative. Thank you for your understanding.