Workshops 2019

This year our amazing Facilitators will present the following empowering & nurturing workshops.  All workshops are optional, you can attend as many or as few as you like, throughout the weekend… its totally up to you!

Pathway to Freedom – Robin Clayfield

Who are you really? Underneath the layers, the roles, the wounds… In amongst the hopes, fears and expectations… In the context of our modern, busy, noisy world? What aspects of your journey supports your true nature and your deepest calling? What stepping up do you choose for yourself at this moment in your life? How do we as women honour ourselves, our community and our world as we stand strong and beautiful in our true essence and shine that out in all directions.

Wow! So many questions. We’ll answer these and more as we sit in sacred circle, move, dance, sing, share, explore, play, create. We’ll journey along a foundational pathway, one step at a time, bringing forth our gifts and learning from the past, honouring the edge of all that is as we stand in the present moment, then stepping, jumping, leaping into the freedom of our future with purpose, clear intention and our own unique answers. Yeah!


Weaving Circle – Rene Bahloo

creative weavingRene will be facilitating a wonderful creative workshop for us this gathering – a Weaving Circle.

She will be joined by Dinnawhan and our Indigenous Elders who will be sharing ‘Women’s Wisdom’ and weaving dreamtime within our circle.

The Being Woman 2019 First Circle will also share the journey that they have travelled together throughout the year to create this gathering. They will share what it means to hold the basket and the gifts that come from weaving the Being Woman dream together with likeminded women.

“Be nurtured in the embrace of an intimate weaving circle. We will weave our fibres together by sharing our hearts and connecting together, stitch by stitch, word by word, taking time to relax, be nurtured and to find centre again.

We will coil weave a talisman pendant to take with us on our journey home to remind us of the sacred space we created and shared in our time at Being Woman Gathering.”


A Walk Through Thyme – Simone M Matthews

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Capture.jpgPlant Spirit Medicine wisdom weaves graceful guidance in helping woman step into their true nature. The natural world speaks to us, through our dreams, our thoughts, our work, our hands & our hearts. As women, when we embrace the sacred principles of Plant Spirit Medicine, dance with her wisdom & sing her songs, we rise up to who we know ourselves to be in – we thrive in our truest natures.

Inviting you to join with me for my ‘A Walk through Thyme’ & journey deep into the world of Plant Spirit Medicine – in particular, the LIGHTrition qualities of the Plant Spirit Realm.

Inviting you to join with me for my ‘A Walk through Thyme’ & journey deep into the world of Plant Spirit Medicine – in particular, the LIGHTrition qualities of the Plant Spirit Realm.

LIGHTrition is the holistic nourishment of Body, Mind & Spirit. How the plant kingdom not only provides us with physical nutrients & medicinals but also how the Spirit of Plants support our flourishing in all areas of life – our relationships, our work, our finances & our connection to
something greater than ourselves. LIGHTrition opens the doors to discover our grander purpose & live the values that bring the greatest meaning to our lives.

Together we will experientially dive deep in Thyme to connect with her LIGHTrition, her ancient wisdom & bestow the cosmic healing medicinals of this sentient plant. Through ritual, self-care ease, grace & love… you will discover how LIGHTrition through Plant Spirit Medicine may joyfully bless & nourish your Soul.

By the end of this session, you will emerge lighter, clearer & in touch with a deeper sense of inner-peace, soulful awakening & sacred purpose through the Women’s Way.


Sacred Immersion into Your True-Heart Nature – Heather Price

Gathering in circle is such a feminine way to immerse yourself into the sacred.  Women have been gathering in this way forever. No doubt, men have too. The sacred circle reflects the divine feminine womb-space where the spark of creation is lit, and new life begins.

In Heather’s sacred circle, you will be guided on a shamanic drum journey where you will discover more about the truth of who you are – in body, heart, mind and spirit. Your qualities will show up symbolically in nature, shamanised within animal spirits and internal landscapes. Here, in your transformative World Within, you will embody and remember your true-heart consciousness and woman’s way in spirit form.

After immersing fully into the womb of your TrueHeart Nature, you will express, with your sisters’ while using instruments and your voice, retrieved, new and delightful vibrations arising from this deep soul-space into the sacred circle space that is supporting you.

These circles are deep immersions into the depths of consciousness, be assured you will be held safely by an experienced facilitator. This is not a place to be re-traumatised or suffer over heartbreaks, though anything resisting your ‘break-through’ to the light may emerge as energy and will be met with loving compassion and safely released into the womb of the earth for transformation into light energy. While there will be many elements of soul retrieval during this process, returning to and reclaiming the essences of your pure heart and soul nature, you will be focusing on emerging into and birthing a new type of love energy – a High Love energy that our collective consciousness is also breaking through to.  Rather than looking back for something lost, we, as sisters, are awakening something powerful and birthing a new, high vibration of sacred love together.

If you are called to do this workshop, any musical instruments you have will be most welcome. Heather will provide some. Please also bring a yoga mat, cushion, sarong, and water for comfort, and a notebook and pen for those of you who like to journal your experiences.


Ceremonial Embodyment  – Stephanie Lister

Dearest women I would love for you to journey with me on the land we are gathering on – we are going to activate the elements through walking on the land, singing to her, honouring her wisdom and sitting in the magic that is created when women come together and sit on the earth.

We are going to fully embody and activate this elemental array of earth magic in your bodily temple and your wisdom that resides deep in your heart so every step you take and every breath you take is sacred!


Sacred Woman’s Way Dreaming Practice – Asaya

An invitation to understand, experience and connect with an ancient 21 day guided imagery dreaming practice to support and deeply nourish being a woman in today’s world.

Our blood cycle is our direct connection to our deep inner rhythm, to our life source, and this rhythm is present whether we are still menstruating or not.

When we harmonize with our inner cycle through intent and daily practice we begin to honor our deep feminine way, our ebbs and flows and our power as dreamers.

In all the busyness, distractions, technology and demands of today’s world it is now more important then ever to have a daily practice to transform, center and connect from the inside out, from our deep inner wisdom, intuition and creative source. This is the gift of the Sacred Woman’s Way Dreaming Practice.

Nurturing your True Nature through the Wisdom of Astrology – Chirone Shakti

This workshop will guide you to explore your true nature and what you’re likely to need to feel truly nurtured, through the ancient wisdom of Astrology.

It’s easy to believe that everyone has the same emotional needs, but Astrology shows us how different our needs can be. Our partners, our children, our friends, can all have very different needs to us, and are nurtured at a deep level by different things.

This workshop will give you a much better understanding of what you need at an individual level to feel nurtured, safe and ultimately empowered as a woman.


Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful & Welcome Lasting Love – Shannon Ichikawa

Be your own kind of Beautiful and step into Audacious Action to Welcome Lasting Love!!

Do you finally want to find the right partner to build your future with? Are you sick of your energy being stuck in the past and attracting people that are just not right for you?

We’ll uncover and shift the energy in a powerful way around some hidden challenges you are facing in this area. After some energy shifting magic, we will step over the threshold into a more awakened feminine. Hello authentic self!

In this time together, we will let our masculine selves rest for a bit so we can more authentically step into our feminine selves and really ask what she really wants in a lasting love relationship. Let’s nurture her with being heard, seen and valued. What is she yearning for? What will make her soul sing? Knowing what we really want is the first step to getting and having it-this is the beauty of crystal clarity!

After asking her what she really wants in love, we ask how she can express her true self and express her own kind of beauty. What is your way to Welcoming Lasting Love? The audacious actions you will take are to be witnessed in sacred Circle!

This is an experiential workshop for single women who want to release the challenges standing in their way of finding love, experience a vision of what’s possible and get into audacious action towards making that dream a reality. This workshop involves some visualization, energy and belief shifting magic, some laughter and Love.

Come and express your feminine self. Express what she really wants in love and how she’s going to go about getting it. You are your own kind of beautiful, sister, and we love you.


Woman’s way; through body and feelings to feminine essence – Penny Hayes

This workshop will take you through the Element Earth to experience how you are solidly held by the earth and how as a woman you can be present and hold space for others. We will be moving our bodies with awareness and gentleness. We will be experiencing what a difference it makes to our life when we reach out with soft hands. We will be embracing the new slow soft woman’s way so needed in the world to counteract masculine hard pushiness and competition.

We will then journey through the element Water to experience the flow of our feelings, to be with our deep feelings and take care of them like a mother does her children. We will look at how to not be taken over by a feeling and to not run away from it either. We will look at the importance of bringing feelings of love, gratitude, kindness and compassion into our lives and practice that. For it is us, as women, who have the capacity to be deeply feeling and who know the importance of owning, containing and sharing feelings, creating intimacy and providing a good atmosphere.

We will also examine and enhance our ability to connect; with nature, our body, our inner child, with other women, our family, the world, and with our beautiful feminine essence. The workshop will use the Feldenkrais method (body awareness), meditation, dance, music, poetry, drama, and pair work. We will go deep, while staying safe and having fun together.

Don’t think. Don’t rush.
Let the struggle go.
Come into your heart.
Find inside the woman who knows.
Be solid as Earth’s bones.
Let your feelings flow like Water.
Soft, compassionate and tender,
be the woman you are meant to be.


A Life Healing Sacred Drum Journey – Betsy Mills

Life Healing Journeys guide you to your calm place within and
deeper for healing.  They create a Landscape of your Women’s Way –
being gentle and understanding, while remaining in her power is Woman’s Way. 

As the Divine Feminine steps out, expressed through women’s True Nature, creative ways of dealing with the challenges in life bring loving ways to the world.

True Nature is expressed through creativity and often negative thoughts
and unhelpful beliefs stand in the way, impeding our ability to express
ourselves freely and creatively. 

In this workshop, with the help of her sacred drum, Betsy will journey with you to each direction of the Sacred Circle of Whole Consciousness to visit the landscape of your True Nature; stepping into your Woman’s Way – setting your creativity free.

Underneath the experiences and conditionings, underneath the masks we create for ourselves for protection, there is our Spirit – Glowing,  transparent, fluid, perfect and Sacred.

Guided by Betsy’s Sacred Healing drum, you will journey to shed all that covers and masks your Spirit, allowing you to experience its purity of abundance and joy.

If this is your first journey, be assured that Betsy will clearly guide you through the fundamental steps that allow you to relax and let go so that you can go deeper, and journey.

You will return gently from your journey and re-align yourself into your physical body, free and empowered.  Natural materials, other materials and means of application will be at hand for you to express your Woman’s Way with creativity & playfulness.


Urban Womans Temple – Mariana Ibrahim

The power of the mind has very many facets. It can either get you lost, into the dark corners and edges of madness, or take you into manifesting the most magical existence.

This is where we grasp the magical opportunities that we have inherit with us. We then see how empowered the course of our life can become. 

The last body we journey through is our Spiritual.

Coming back into the childlike curious lightness that we entered this planet with. The one that is uninhibited, innocent, playful and has clear heart centred direction. In this body, we connect to our all through engaging with the intuitive body, then allow for our mental capacity to manifest our souls dreams.

Here we play with vision boards, in art therapy witness and movement and observe our new found truth. Coming into a place that is real reflecting every molecule of your being.

The purpose of this journey is to come into one voice. Your intuitive voice. From this place everything makes sense and that essence of knowing comes from an embodied, empowered place. Leaving you free to navigate through life as the curious natural being that you are.

This is when life gets JUICY, rich and delicious in every aspect.


The Sacred Joy of Feminine Embodiment – Christine Clegg

A morning practice of devotion to dance our most heartfelt truth, as revealed to us, by the temple of our soul, our body.  An invitation to be guided through a process of freeing energy within the body, entraining the mind upon deeper sensations, and allowing whatever is within, expression without. From this place we can then invite and cultivate new possibilities for being.

We will enter the temple, through the delight of our external senses, and allow ourselves to relax into journeying deep within, to have an experience of awareness through our internal felt senses, and to allow that expression through our bodies and voices.

A guided movement and meditation practice, which allows you to let go of your mind, and let your body lead. Letting her move you, allow you to change you from within, and show you the way to experience, that which your heart most desires.

Women of all levels of fitness and body awareness are welcome. We will create sacred space together, do some womanly stretching and warming up, link our breath with our movement, and find ways to move which feel good in our bodies. Our movements will be guided by our inner experience, so each woman’s practice will be suited to her body and feeling. We will take some time in stillness to conclude and integrate the practice.

The practice will be a journey, as deep and wild as you dare.  I look forward to meeting you there.

Heart and Hands – A woman’s way through clay – Willow Salathiel

You are invited to sink your hands deeply into Clay and to explore the relationship you have with yourself and your body.

“ As we engage with clay, magic happens. We build a bridge too or dialogue with, the deeper parts of our selves that cannot be reached by word or a logical understanding.

Whilst its true that our deepest pains are buried in the unconscious, so too are our greatest resources and gifts”

Although for some, this experience will be simply for the joy of creating, there will be the chance to gain new perspectives and insights in your life. So bring a sense of curiosity, an openess for new insights, hands that long to dive into the texture of clay and the keenness to create.

Looking Through Addictions – Anne Miller

We are all familiar with addictions. Whether it is getting our children off technology, family history personal experience, an emotional state or even a passion for chocolate! 

The world of desire, avoidance and instant gratification tempt and influence our lives on every level. This very real and down to earth workshop goes on a creative and perceptive journey into the deep soul life qualities of our humanity. You will dive into yourself to discover the hidden gems that will help you understand your life’s journey.

Come and sit in a safe environment where you can share and explore as much as you are comfortable with. You will begin to understand what addition is on an experiential level, the stages of addition and how each stage can be addressed in ways that support each individual. With new developments in psychotherapy addiction and addictive tendencies are no longer topics that have to be put in the too hard basket. As individuals, families and communities we can work on ourselves and with each other to empower ourselves and integrate these issues.

This work is flexible and will suit both beginners and people with experience.

Connecting with the Inner Healer- Rae Smith

This workshop will be an opportunity for us to come together as women and awaken our own inner healer. We will take a journey as a collective to nurture, nourish and release.

We will purify through sound, prayer and touch and through the Spirit of Oneness – we are all one love, one heart, one family.

This process will take us to a place of experiencing that there is no separation between the healer and the one being healed.

The group energy will amplify the healing power of us as women. To feel the energy of women coming together to heal each other, to love each other, see each other and nurture each other.

In this workshop we will nurture each other and ourselves through activating our innate healing wisdom as women.


Ecstatic Temple Dance Party – Camila Caeron

Camila invites you to gather in the lush Ecstatic Temple to dance and celebrate the Woman you are, and to Activate the Kundalini energy within you! Honouring your body as your sacred Temple, honouring the Temple Space we co-create with the group energy and also the land we dance upon.

Ecstatic Temple is a safe space for people to get real and get connected! It is a supportive environment where we can all be raw, vulnerable and feel free to be seen, to be heard and felt.

Using 5Elements Dance Activation™ we embark on a Shamanic Ecstatic Dance journey embodying Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether, to authentically connect, express ourselves to great world music and collectively rise our consciousness by acknowledging the present moment, giving thanks for the past, and setting intentions for the future.
Ground; Flow; Transform, Breathe, and melt into deep inner peace and connection with yourself, your community, the Earth and ultimately the Great Mystery within.

Every “BODY” is welcome, be prepared to breathe, sound, move, groove, shake, connect and smile all over in the fully inclusive Temple we all co-create!

Once you get the monkey mind out of the way and just trust in the alchemy of your unique sacred temple wisdom – your female body – supported by the Mother Earth and the power of the sisterhood… magic happens!
The elements make up our entire known Universe and are fundamental in maintaining balance of mind, body and spirit. By consciously embodying them, we release imbalances, re-energize our systems, connect deeply to Mother Earth and each other as sisterhood tribe. We will tap into the wisdom and rhythm of some ancient practices from many indigenous cultures, beautifully adapted for our current awakening consciousness.
Shall we breathe, sound and dance ourselves into ecstatic states of bliss and pure awareness, release old paradigms and conditioning which no longer serve us and come full circle into meditation resting in the stillness of our authentic hearts.