Women as Healers of Mother Earth

with Emma Brindal

emma brindall altarThe Women as Healers of Mother Earth will explore ways that women can foster a deeper heart connection with Mother Earth, and hence participate in her healing.

Now more than ever there is a need to bring forth the sacred feminine to enable us to be part of the Earth’s healing, and steer away from the hyper-masculine forces that are impacting so intensely upon our planet. As women we are daughters of the Earth; we are carers, lovers, protectors, and the work of Earth Healing often comes to us. By connecting with the Earth deeply with our hearts, we can take part in her healing coming from this deep place of heart connection and can contribute to bringing about a Life Sustaining and beautiful World.

For the theme of the Being Woman for 2015, I see this workshop relating in these ways:

Dancing in our Ancestral Spirit – Celebrating ourselves as part of the living body of Gaia – of Mother Earth.

Remember – ourselves as part of Mother Earth, the Wild Woman inside of us, the part of ourselves that is a nurturer, carer, healer of Mother Earth.

Surrender – surrender to the call of the Earth.

Embrace – our connection to Mother Earth and our ability to be Earth Healers

We will open with ritual, acknowledging traditional owners and ancestors, acknowledging the elements, the directions and what they bring, acknowledging Mother Earth and her gifts, acknowledging our ancestral spirit and women’s wisdom, before coming into our senses & mirror walk (experiential connecting exercise).

Next will be a Water Visualization (with words and music, to connect to the waterways and water of the bioregion).

This will be followed by a brief discussion of Women as Healers of the Earth plus a prayer for the healing of the waters, with all women invited to share their prayers for water, connecting this to the International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, World Water day on March 22nd 2015.

After this shall be a few words on the significance of ritual as a means for connecting with Mother Earth, and our ancestral wisdom. before our Closing Ritual to thank the ancestors, ancient wisdom and our inherent feminine wisdom…


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