Gatherings for Women

What does it meant to you to live a life as a full, Conscious Woman ?
Do you feel as if something needs to change in order for you to feel fully satisfied and on your true path in life ?
Look beyond the familial, societal and cultural mold that has shaped your personality so far in this life, and unveil the juicy Woman you truly are…

Being Woman - Rise of the Divine Feminine


Come together with your Sisters...

Partake in deep initiatory ceremony to re-claim your true self.

Heal the wounds that prevent you from living your full potential.

Soak up the power and serenity that is provided by nature and Mother Earth.

Experience living life through your Womb and Heart centres.

Learn Women's Lore from Indigenous Aunties.

Take time for You.

There are great changes occurring on Earth at this time, and we as Women are being called to move from expression of life through our minds and our masculine cores, to sinking deeply into expression from our Womb and Heart – with harmonious balance between our inner feminine and masculine energies.

“Being Woman was exactly the event I had been seeking. The weekend was heartfelt, authentic and deeply transformational for me. There were so many things I got to experience at Being Woman 2010 that I had so long longed to experience and it was amazing to see them unfold during the weekend…

There was the normal comfortable bits, but then the depth and connection to women I had so long craved in my path to healing the feminine energies within me, and my feminine organs, like experiencing an aboriginal women’s ceremony and dancing painted in ochre surrounded by a group of women of all ages, all sizes and many different nationalities. Swimming in the waterhole with the women and having the courage of totally letting go and shedding so much trauma, pain and grief through dancing amongst the women and arriving at a place of peace, love and appreciation.

The location was beautiful, presenters fantastic and all the women were so beautiful. A really wonderful event on all accounts – the only complaint my being felt was that it was over too soon! I will never forget my weekend at Being Woman. It was just the gathering I was seeking.

If you feel the call, or if, like me, you have put your yearning out to the universe and then someone just happens to send you the details of this event…  I say take the leap and go… You’ll be giving yourself the gift of more than just a weekend away, you’ll be giving yourself the most precious gift in the world, the gift of you!”– Kathy Popplewell


Are you feeling the call?

If you feel moved by this call, we would love for you to join us.
Registrations for Being Woman 2020 will be opening very soon !

“My adventure and experience of Being Woman was inspirational, uplifting and made my soul sing.  Made all the sweeter by the sharing of this wonderful event with my own beloved sister.  Being able to share, expand, grow, laugh, dance, sing and hoot with my blood and so many other wonderful new ‘sisters’ is what makes my journey in life flow with ease.  My thanks to the organisers and facilitators for creating a safe and sacred space to explore the divine feminine within and let her have an ever increasing voice in my daily life.  Blessed Be.” – Trish Lyons

“For me the greatest learning/growing from going to Being Woman , was to connect with many women, of all ages and from many different walks of life, all looking for growth within ourselves and willing to work on our issues that are relevant to accomplishing our happiness today. A very heart opening experience and I would highly recommend the weekend to every woman who reads this small testimonial.  Many heartfelt hugs to all.” -  Rose Ward

Being Woman - March 6-9, 2020