Welcome Lasting Love and The Sacred Joy of Relationship

With Shannon Ichikawa

Are you really ready for something new-for Love, and are you sick of being single? How magic will it be to Welcome Lasting Love from a place of peace; from joy and possibilities for a brand-new life of flow? In some way have you closed off from Sacred Joy in or after a previous relationship, or just from too much single time? Is it time to open up again? Are there places where your energy is stuck in the past, rather than being clear, open and ready for the Future? Is it time to take a big step in the direction of Love?

In this workshop, we welcome crystal clarity on who we want in our lives and what type of relationship we want to create with this beautiful soul. We will uncover hidden challenges to being the radiant beings we are and being truly ready to take that leap with someone new.

Harnessing the group energy with all manner of awesome tools we will journey together in the depths and shallows of this subject – the search for Love! Let’s see the greatest possible Future and love for ourselves and each other in this experiential time together. Seeing and being seen is the first step into making our dreams a reality.

When we want something new to flow in, we Let Go of what is no longer necessary. Energy responds to Action so we’ll send out a powerful message of intent, then we will play and laugh in silliness and joy together as women, and open the gates to romance, love and partnership with someone wonderful … calling in the soul of Him or Her who will partner us.


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