Vocal Toning

vocal toning with Catherine Deanwith Catherine Dean

Vocal toning provides a safe intimate space that acts like a sacred room in which to either sit, listen and observe the sounds or to journey inward observing one’s inner territory whilst being bathed in soundwaves.

Being a self-defined woman is about knowing your inner voice and expressing your own beautiful voice to the community and environment in which you live.  Vocal toning is about exploring these possibilities, sometimes going beyond your comfort zone and offering your energy with no words but simply your own Divine sound from your source, however you define that.

My toning workshop offers an opportunity to begin to discover more about the depths of Self. There will be joy, laughter, talking and tears as participants soar to angelic heights, releasing, accepting, and integrating as they fly towards self-healing.  The benefits of a vocal toning experience for women is very far reaching as it can offer support, healing and health (physical and mental) to the individual who then shares those benefits at work, with family, socially and within the community.

Benefits also extend to those in a group context. Vocal Toning brings people together, it supports and affirms the group and lends opportunity to create vision for the future and for the individual functioning as part of a team. Toning honours the voice of the individual and of the group and allows the opportunity to break down barriers.

People can use the activity to hear their own voice in a focused and concentrated way sometimes for the first time. There is no construct with toning – that is, no melody or words, just the sound emitting from the depth of the individual. It evokes mystery of the Self, which can be a personal (and sometimes emotional) experience.

It allows recovery, individually and together. It brings with it many health benefits: from supporting the physical body to offering personal space in which to breathe.

Vocal Toning Meditation is fun, non-intrusive and can help the individual to:
Relax the body
Clear and centre the mind
Focus on the here and now
Improve concentration
Reduce stress
Improve stamina
Can promote concentration
Stimulate imagery and imagination
Experience sound and music
To connect with your sonic expression

By freeing the constraints of personal expression, we learn how to fly – to send our voice into the ethers to join with the higher vibrational realms that inhabit the Cosmic and to connect with our Higher Self, gaining the Freedom to Fly.

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