Vocal toning

In my garden I have some beautiful trees.  I sit in their shadow and I watch the sun dance off their leaves creating Light and energy for other creatures to bask in.  This could be a metaphor for my life too, as I think there is some parallel for we as people.  We can look deep into our Shadow in order to reconnect with parts of ourselves that remain away from the Light of consciousness.  In the sacred space of Shadow we have the opportunity to rumble around and discover treasured fragments and bits and pieces of the puzzle that make it possible to remember, connect and then become more of who we are.   In this place we breathe a bit deeper and heavier then burst back to life having regained our balance ready to let go and live. Our bodies sparkle and reflect life and Light.  I believe that in the course of this process we are only offered what our Spirit considers to be a healthy dose.

The ancients used sound, colour and movement as a tool to offer those initiates who desired opportunity to go deeper into their shadow and to discover more about themselves.  The strength and knowledge gained was then used in life with purpose as part of a spiritual kitbag that aided not only themselves but extended to family and society.  Their own inner work of Shadow and Light became part of a beautiful journey to wholeness done with intention to raise the vibration of themselves and thereby creating a gift for all.

In my life I offer my experience and knowledge as a practitioner of vocal toning.  This is a person who uses the body and voice as a musical instrument.  They use intuitive sounds and musical notes in order to express creatively.  They tone alone and if requested, tone with other people, animals and for the earth.  Here is a brief description of what vocal toning is.  It is a powerful, ancient method used for altering consciousness.  Anecdotal evidence and some studies have revealed that sound can alter brain waves, thereby changing the human condition to a state of relaxation or energy enhancement.  The human voice and body is used as an instrument.  The voice is used intuitively allowing sustained notes, abrupt notes and others that sound like wind to flow from the body.  All qualities of the natural voice are used which sometimes sound quite off but at the same time is very enjoyable to experience.

Toning can be great fun to do and is a tool that gives you a connection to your own inner and outer voice.  When meditating it gives you something to focus on at any time whether one is in good health or being challenged physically, mentally or emotionally.  Toning can keep you present and in touch with your thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Sound is integral to every thinking individual.  Those who for some reason cannot use their speaking voice do hear their own inner messages – their inner voice.  The voice is a very special gift when listening to your own voice or the voice of another.  The way in which you put it to use can make a difference to the world around you.

It is a great privilege working in groups with vocal toning.  I love being witness to the deep connections that people make to their voice and sound as they find that it is available to them as individuals in any moment. This creative work requires sensitivity and flexibility as working with the voice has many levels and, though always joyful, it can sometimes be emotional also. I offer visual meditations that take the person on their own journey.


















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