Tuning in to the cycles of life

With Emma Brindal

This workshop will be an exploration of how nature’s cycles reflect the shadow and light within us, and how we can know ourselves more deeply by tuning in to these cycles and in so doing embrace our wholeness.

We will explore the wisdom of the cycles – the correspondences of the cycles of the day, the moon, our menstrual cycles, the seasons, and our lifetimes – and the deeper learnings that we can take from them.

We will work with the external energies of the time of the Being Woman gathering:  nearing the Autumn Equinox, with the balance of darkness and light that we can welcome in at that time; and the full moon energy. Women will also be invited to tune in to the prevailing energy within themselves, whether that be the moon cycle or the stage of their menstrual cycle that they are at, and how doing so can support us in knowing ourselves more deeply.

We will explore what the moon’s cycling from fullness and light to darkness and shadow can teach us, and the practice of making moon prayers/ intentions at different stages of the moon cycle:  intentions of letting go before the dark moon; what to bring in just after the new moon; and what we are bringing to fullness when the moon is full.

As we sit in circle and hear from other women, the shadow and light within each of us will be revealed and reflected. We will open to the darkness and fullness in the cycles of life, as well as in ourselves, allowing for all possibilities to be as they are, celebrating and embracing all aspects, and hence our wholeness.

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