Tigress Yoga

Tigress Yogawith Claudine von Niederhausern

Tigress Yoga TM is a form of practice specially created for women. Devashi Shakti has put it together applying her deep knowledge of the functioning of the female body and the beauty of the feminine psyche. Based on very ancient tantric and daoist practices it also deeply embraces the contemporary practices of releasing trauma and finding into a very deep and grounded embodiment of oneself.

In Tigress Yoga® classes the focus is on awakening, developing and refining the feminine essence. By immersing herself in the flow of her ‘Shakti’, a woman will find a new range of aliveness opening up in her body. The results bring deep rest, self-acceptance, sensuous embodiment, a balanced mind, open heart and much more.

The relationship to the Theme is very deep as Tigress Yoga is made to support each woman to find into her very own guidance, her very personal relationship with spirit, with no interference of a guru or a teacher.

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