The Dreaming 2019

“Nurturing Your True Nature… Stepping into our Women’s Way”

The Dreaming for the “Being Women 2019 – Theme took place on 26-27th May 2018, at a private property within beautiful forest surroundings near Yandina, on the Sunshine Coast.  Our 2019 First Circle Women, elders and members of our Being Woman Community gathered overnight, to conceive through sacred ceremony, dreaming and collaborative workshopping the new 2019 THEME.  We were so very supported by spectacular celestial energies of the Moon/Venus/Jupiter & Spica directly above us, the trees surrounding us, the birds and all the elements!

What a truly nurturing, precious, magical weekend we spent together in sweet collaboration, restoration & creation – thankyou Bettina Hunt for opening your heart/divine home and land to allow for our journeying… This location was truly divine and perfect for our dreaming, by the end of our experience, our hearts sang for all that had transpired and been transformed.  We were deeply impacted, shifted and in awe of the entire process!  You can learn about the actual process here.

Our overnight dreaming ceremony & the following days’ co-creative collaboration/workshopping was facilitated by Heather Price, supported by Dinnawhan White & Stephanie Lister – whose gifts, skills, wisdom, energy holding and support were invaluable.

All 6 women on First Circle 2019 were present.  We were also joined by inner circle women (previous first circle) Sonia Pala and Shannon Ichikawa throughout the process certainly, their experience, commitment, love and light was so appreciated! Many others in the Being Women community joined in energetically to support us, they sent in their dreams via SMS / email and all of their input was incorporated into our co-creative process.

Throughout the 24 hours we spent together, we shared nourishing homemade meals, morning/afternoon teas and breakfasts… with each attendee bringing offerings to share potluck style.  It was delicious!  We also all got to know each other more intimately, it was a great beginning for our growing friendships and heart connections.

On the morning after the dreaming, with breakfast shared, we went into a collaborative workshopping process and our theme was fully birthed!  It only took approximately 3 hours!  It was truly remarkable to see how seamlessly it came both the theme and a clear vision of the artwork to support it came forth.  We were really surprised by that!

Without a doubt, First Circle felt completely supported through the entire dreaming process (which was important as none of us had experienced it before, and we had no idea what to expect!).

We know that with such a powerful conception process, and all the energetic support that was behind it, our 2019 event is going to be remarkable.

Let it be so…