The Dreaming 2017

The Dreaming for the Theme took place on 20th May 2016.  On the Friday evening, under an almost full moon, women gathered at a private property with beautiful forest surroundings near Yandina, on the Sunshine Coast.






First Circle had prepared the deck, the fire for the Ceremony and studio with altar for the night of Dreaming itself, as well as a selection of food. 11 women, including 2 new Sisters, were present. Robin hosted the Ceremony, which was very powerful. After a cup of turmeric golden milk, all women went to dream together.











In the morning, the various themes that had come during the night were shared, including the ones emailed by some Sisters who had journeyed energetically with the group. There were quite a few and women went through a process of working through them and putting sub-themes together, as well as recurring colours that would then be used for the artwork (earthy colours – brown, green, orange – as well as white and gold). Then the women choose which sub-theme was calling the most. After this another exercise took them through the journey of tuning within to come up with a name, that would also encompass the other sub-themes under its umbrella. The message that came from Spirit was: