The Dreaming

The 'Dreaming is a technique gifted to us by the indigenous Aunties and elders of the Being Woman community and is a dynamic, traditional and creative visioning process for creating and planning our gathering.

The Dreaming is held each year as an event for the community to ‘dream’ in the theme for next year’s Being Woman… The Dreaming is an important stage of creating the energetics of the event, as the theme will set the energies and overall feel, not only for the event, but as a focus for the First Circle throughout the year.

For about a month in between the Hand Over and The Dreaming, everyone who has attended Being Woman… is asked to contribute any of their thoughts, dreams, artwork, songs, or experiences etc into creation of the theme for the next year’s gathering.

  • The committee collects this.
  • The committee, Elders and interested people gather for dinner and an overnight stay where the material is collated and everyone sleeps on it by spending the night together in the same room.
  • In the morning, there is sharing and a special process where all of the material is concentrated into a phrase or a sentence … or two. This becomes the theme for that year’s Being Woman...
  • A soulful and lively exchange is encouraged!

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