Terri Moreira

Terri Moreira has been a teacher of Qigong, Meditation and Reiki for over 20 years. A former Spiritualist Minister for a brief time, I am also a Light-worker, medium, channel, ET communicator and Dolores Cannon Past Life Regressionist (QHHT).  She has been teaching Qigong in her intuitive way for nearly 20 years now. She incorporates qigong practices in my meditation and Reiki classes which enhances all so perfectly and assists in grounding strongly for the development of being totally present in the moment.

Terri has recently returned from a Women’s Journey to Avalon pilgrimage throughout the Glastonbury, Somerset, Avebury, Cornwall and Dorset areas. This trip brought her amazing sacred connections and spiritual wonders, and a mesmerising and fascinating time in every way imaginable!



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