Tanya Quodd

I am a temple mama, naturopath, yoga instructor, lecturer and researcher.  I have been drawn to the role emotions play in health through my studies in naturopathy. I spent many years trying to ‘fix’ them, dull them, cure them, get rid of the ‘bad’ ones, but I got nowhere.

Then I met Chameli Ardagh who spoke about feelings as energy which constantly shift and change.  More than that, she gave practices of how to be with and embody emotions instead of going up into the head and trying to fix them. Her exploration of what feminine spirituality looks like and feels like was a breath of fresh air.  I went to America to train with her and started up a women’s temple group on my return. I have since studied with her in Greece and facilitated her visit to Australia in 2015.  I now have the honour of being the Australian facilitator for the Awakening Women’s Institute teacher training.

Taking my seat in this circle has been so completely life changing for me. Best of all, the more I lead temple the more I learn, grow and evolve. The circle becomes an alive archetype, truly my greatest teacher.

With love and deep commitment


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