Shannon Ichikawa

I am a woman of many loves and talents. The most expansive one at this time is supporting people to find lasting love through Transformational Personal Coaching. My studies through the Rapid Coaching Academy, and through many years as a counsellor and in my own exploration of own my inner life has convinced me of …

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Victoria Fitzgibbon

Victoria Fitzgibbon graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor Social Science and has undertaken postgraduate studies in behaviour management, coaching, yoga, meditation, holistic healing (Reiki & Kahuna) and is an Empowerment Facilitator working with Woman & Children. She is currently based on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and enjoys a close connection to the land. Her work …

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Nourish and Revive

with Virginia Woods Nourish and Revive – Wake up with your own intuitive dance.    Prepare for the day by nurturing body and soul, attuning to yourself and awakening to your true potential.    Using Release Technique, Tai Chi/Chi Gong, Yoga and dance practices to help gently wake up to the body, release tight spots, …

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Radiant Light Yoga

with Christine Clegg Radiant Light Yoga focuses on opening the heart, and feeling that quality within the practice. By synchronising our breath with flowing movements, we integrate mind and body.  This allows us to better feel and facilitate energy movement within the body. By practicing finding the balance between self effort and surrender, we cultivate …

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