sacred circle dance

Sacred Circle Dance

with Isabela Keski-Frantti and Sue Collins The whole Universe pulsates and dances the Cosmic Dance. Life is movement, life has rhythm and cycles. As a representation of the macro, Sacred Circle Dances are a microcosm in which we dance the mysteries of the Universe and experience our connection, in and out. As dancers we become …

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Sue Collins

Sue Collins has been dancing Sacred Circle Dances for over 10 years in a group based in Tweed Valley. Sue’s dancing and teaching background is in Latin and Ballroom dancing. She is, however, most passionate about sharing Sacred Circle Dance because of the sense of unity and harmony that is created.  Sue has been a …

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Isabela Keski-Frantti

Isabela Keski-Frantti has been a Sacred Circle Dance facilitator for over 15 years. She has learnt from three masters of Circle Dance, who had their unique styles in teaching. She has also learnt Sacred Dances from traditional Brazilian indigenous people and African descendant dancers in Brazil. Before moving to Australia in 2004, Isabela lived in …

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