Weaving Circle

with Rene Bahloo

Rene will be facilitating a wonderful creative workshop for us this gathering – a Weaving Circle.

“Be nurtured in the embrace of an intimate weaving circle. We will weave our fibres together by sharing our hearts and connecting together, stitch by stitch, word by word, taking time to relax, be nurtured and to find centre again. We will coil weave a talisman pendant to take with us on our journey home to remind us of the sacred space we created and shared in our time at Being Woman Gathering.”



Rene Bahloo

Rene Bahloo of “Weavery” hosts basket weaving circles, workshops and retreats on the Sunshine Coast and surrounds (and occasionally interstate).

René  is the empress of Weavery. She is a weaver, a teacher, a learner, and an artist. She weaves with the fibre of flow and meaning, spiraling ever outwards in order to manifest beauty and joyful wellbeing, like a spider spins her masterpiece.

She invites others to gather in community, teaching cultural skills and sharing the active meditation of basket weaving, in a nurturing and supportive environment. René’s passions stem from her life-altering experience of Australian Indigenous culture in Arnhem Land, Australia. She loves and lives women’s business, environmental connectedness, creative perspectives, the weaving of conscious, joyful communities and the magical journey of life. Her goal is for us all to weave our world into a better place, to weave ourselves in healing and wellbeing, to weave our environment with passion and purpose.

She also hosts weaving and cultural expeditions in partnership with weavers in Indigenous communities in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia; Papua New Guinea and also Bushmen communities of Southern Africa.

Weaving Circle