Lisa Malcolm

Lisa MalcolmHi everyone 🙂

I’m Lisa, I have been a part of First Circle this year, and what an amazing year it’s been. I first stepped up to first circle, as I had attended two Being Woman Gatherings and I could see what a wonderful benefit the gathering is to the women who attend. And, as an ongoing creation, I could see how being a part of a conscious community is so valuable, both to the people directly involved and to the wider community. Attending the gatherings and participating in such connectedness with a wonderful group of women and furthering the re-emergence of the honouring of the divine feminine, seemed so valuable that I was willing to put my time and effort into Being Woman… I wanted to contribute to this beautiful community.

What I didn’t quite expect was how much I would personally grow and transform this year.

I’m a mum of 2 daughters 9 & 10 years old, and I’m also an environmental scientist who worked for 15 years at Griffith University EcoCentre, teaching sustainability and being the community network coordinator, so I have a lot of experience in working with community and organising events etc. I’m also a healer/researcher, Reiki master, past life regressionist, co-author of the book ‘Awakening Your Intelligent Heart’, co-creator of Luminous Women, based on feminine spiritual practice and a women’s temple facilitator.

So the conscious women’s community work seemed a natural place for me to contribute my time and skills, which I have done this year. But…whatever I have put in, has been returned a thousand fold this year, in the learning, the growth and the personal transformations that have taken place through the conscious connection with the loving, wonderful, authentic and supportive circle of women that made up first circle this year, through the wisdom of the basket, through the wisdom of the elders that have guided us along the way and through the love, struggles, beauty, support, and wisdom of the Being Woman Community as a whole.

I feel blessed to have been a part of First Circle this year and just want to say THANK YOU!

Hope to see you at the gathering.
Love Lisa xx

Secrets of the Feminine DNA

with Lisa Malcolm

DNAThe feminine DNA is  also known as the Mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA), whether you are male or female, the Mt DNA comes only from your Mother.  It is the direct feminine DNA lineage of humanity.

Many of us are familiar with the 1 strand from your father & 1 strand from your mother, double helix DNA. Far less of us are aware of the circular feminine DNA and it tends to go largely unacknowledged.  Yet, our very cells are powered by the Mitochondria, they are the battery packs, powering life. The chemical produced by the mitochondria (ATP) is known as the universal energy currency as it powers most plant and animal life on Earth.  The rejuvenation and energy available to you when you fully activate your MtDNA and tap into the energy stream is amazing.

If you want to stay energised & healthy, the integrity of the Mt DNA is essential. If you want to lose weight, it’s the Mitochondria. When a Shaman of the Amazon spoke about the importance of ‘restoring the feminine force’ they were talking about the Mitochondria. If you want to avoid some of common ailments that effect humanity, it’s the    Mitochondria.  40% of our heart matter is Mitochondria. I cannot overestimate their importance, they have been called by a leading researcher both, ‘a badly kept secret’ and ‘the Clandestine rulers of the world’.

When we consciously communicate with our feminine DNA, we can connect with the incredible wisdom, nurturing and strength of our feminine ancestral lineage.  In this experiential workshop through  relaxation, meditation and guided journey we establish a connection between our conscious minds and our ancient feminine DNA lineage and consciously activate our feminine MtDNA.  You will also have the opportunity to learn a simple meditative practice that you can continue to work with at home to  activate and maintain conscious connection with your MtDNA, and some other practical ways of looking after our Mitochondrial DNA, you will love the energy and vitality it brings you.


Lisa Malcolm

Lisa MalcolmLisa Malcolm is an experienced spiritual practitioner and workshop facilitator. She is an environmental scientist who has been employed by Griffith University designing and presenting successful community education programs and workshops on sustainability for the University’s EcoCentre for the past 10 years.

Lisa is also an accomplished energy healer, reiki master/ teacher and past life regressionist who has been personally trained by some of the world’s leading practitioners in these fields. She is passionate about the re-merging of science and spirituality and blends her backgrounds in both, into wholistic knowledge, research and teachings.

She is co-author and researcher of the recently internationally published groundbreaking book ‘Awakening the Intelligent Heart’. Over the years, Lisa has presented spiritual workshops at various healing centres and festivals, including the 2014 Being Woman Festival where as partner in Luminous Women, Lisa co-facilitated a wombfield meditation.