Essence of Woman and the Divine Feminine

spirit of womanwith Annie Meredith and Tanya Quodd

In this informative and experiential Spirit of Woman mini-workshop we explore how the Divine Feminine, biologically enscripted into every cell of female bodies, not only directs physical functioning, but, as the underlying driver of our thoughts, values, attitudes and ways of being, determines the quality of our relationship with self, significant others, community and the greater world. Moreover, by embracing Divine Feminine principles, both men and women alike can return to the heart and peaceful reunion with Gaia our Mother.


Healing our Ancestral Shadow

with Yvonne Lumsden

healingWhat were the messages you received about your self as a child – about your body and sexuality?  We carry our past experiences in our bodies on a deep cellular level, which then unconsciously influence our current and future relationships & experiences.

Do you honour your sensual sexual self – the Shakti within you?

In this fully clothed workshop you will have an opportunity to heal the ancestral shadow around your sexuality to explore and deepen your relationship with the Divine Feminine within.