Ecstatic Temple

Camila invites you to gather in the lush Ecstatic Temple to dance and celebrate the Woman you are, and to Activate the Kundalini energy within you!  Honouring your body as your sacred Temple, honouring the Temple Space we co-create with the group energy and also the land we dance upon.

Ecstatic Temple is a safe space for people to get real and get connected! It is a supportive environment where we can all be raw, vulnerable and feel free to be seen, to be heard and felt.

Using 5Elements Dance Activation™ we embark on a Shamanic Ecstatic Dance journey embodying Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether, to authentically connect, express ourselves to great world music and collectively rise our consciousness by acknowledging the present moment, giving thanks for the past, and setting intentions for the future.

Ground; Flow; Transform, Breathe, and melt into deep inner peace and connection with yourself, your community, the Earth and ultimately the Great Mystery within.

Every “BODY” is welcome, be prepared to breath, sound, move, groove, shake, connect and smile all over in the fully inclusive Temple we all co-create!

Once you get the monkey mind out of the way and just trust in the alchemy of your unique sacred temple wisdom – your female body – supported by the Mother Earth and the power of the sisterhood… magic happens!

The elements make up our entire known Universe and are fundamental in maintaining balance of mind, body and spirit. By consciously embodying them, we release imbalances, re-energize our systems, connect deeply to Mother Earth and each other as sisterhood tribe.  We will tap into the wisdom and rhythm of some ancient practices from many indigenous cultures, beautifully adapted for our current awakening consciousness.

Shall we breathe, sound and dance ourselves into ecstatic states of bliss and pure awareness, release old paradigms and conditioning which no longer serve us and come full circle into meditation resting in the stillness of our authentic hearts.


Camila Caeron

Camila Caeron is from Brazil, with Spanish-Portuguese roots and last year she has become an Australia Citizenship, having lived here for seven years. She is a spiritual seeker! And after about 18 years seeking and experiencing different therapeutic practices she finally feels like she has found her true self, her life purpose and she is now fully ready to share it.

Camila has been studying dance movement therapy, Tantra and facilitating transformational shamanic workshops for the past two years. The deeper she delves into those somatic practices, the greater her passion for sharing and empowering others. That’s why she created the Ecstatic Temple in 2016.

Through the 5Elements Dance Activation journeys she offers a pathway for people to be present in the moment and embody all that is going on in their emotional, energetic and physical body; giving space to honour their unique body as a Temple and fully embraces their free forms of expression. The great world music is chosen especially to help the dancer to embody the 5 Elements, to connect with nature and engage with their energy and the collective vibration of the group, to feel joy and connect with their inner goodness, their authentic self.

Camila is passionate to guide people to follow their body threads until they meet parts of their inner nature, their truth. Her work is for those seeking opportunities for authentic expression, a space to be gently guided through comfort and discomfort, light and dark, love and fear, in a dance towards unfolding their own inner truth, towards uncovering our own hidden strengths, towards the light within. Fully opening their heart to feel full bandwidth of emotions with love, acceptance and compassion. Live a more joyful, empowered and fulfilled life.

With the Ecstatic Temple Camila has been facilitating workshops in Northern Rivers NSW, Gold Coast and eventually in Melbourne. As well as transformational festivals and retreats.

Ecstatic Temple

Nourish and Revive

with Virginia Woods

niaNourish and Revive – Wake up with your own intuitive dance. 
Prepare for the day by nurturing body and soul, attuning to yourself and awakening to your true potential.
 Using Release Technique, Tai Chi/Chi Gong, Yoga and dance practices to help gently wake up to the body, release tight spots, re-energise and prepare to open yourself to empowerment and joy for the day.


Dancing your life with the Ancestors

with Virginia Woods

dancing with ancestors

You are not alone – dancing your life with the Ancestors

In a supported, guided meditative dance process enter into dreaming space with flute and drum, to discover, evoke and express the Ancestral spirit held in your body’s wisdom.

Connecting to the essence of Who you are, receive the support of your Ancestors to look within, to step fully into life and pursue your life path with courage.

Let go and dance your life, Beloved, with the knowledge you are never alone!


“You may be bathing, laughing, or working, but

She is always right before you.

Meditate on Her.

She lives in your heart.

Recognise Her.

Don’t look for Her here and there,

wondering, “Where is God?”  

Lalleshwari (12 century Indian poet saint)


This will be a supported, guided meditative dance process, allowing spirit to speak and express through your beautiful, earthly body.

On an energetic, genetic and neurobiological way our soul, body and brain hold information of our ancestors and collective wisdom of the planet and beyond. By consciously inviting our body to begin to express this wisdom we free ourselves to let go of our ideas about ourselves, to truly experience the support and expansiveness of who we really are.

Let go and dance your life, Beloved, with the knowledge you are never alone!

In this process you will:

  • Embody the True Heart Self, connect to your own heart and body wisdom
  • Form and express the place where you are right now around an issue that is preventing you from being where you want to be.
  • And then allow heart, body, spirit to form, shape and express a possible new experience of this issue.
  • Calling in the support of your Ancestor, you will explore inherited wisdom through feeling it in your heart and spirit, and through our body to form and express the journey from where you are now to where you can be.
  • Celebrating our unity in collective wisdom in community.


Messages from a Dancing Heart

with Yollana Shore

messages from a dancing heartMessages from a Dancing Heart weaves together music, words and silence in a poetic journey that invites listeners deeper into the dance of the divine within their own hearts. 

Yollana Shore will present this poetry in collaboration with Gillian Love on Cello. 


The invitation is not casual

It is at once terrifying and exquisite.

It is beautiful and kind, easy, light, joyous, carefree…

And in the same moment… Sobering.


The dance arises from it.

And the steps are beautiful.

But what gives rise to the movement

is beyond words, more beautiful still.

Stay there… at the silent well…

And let Love move you.


You are already free.

Your dance is just beginning.


Wait and see.

Moon Medicine Dance

with Rosie Waters

Moon danceTraditionally, in many cultures women retreated during their Moontime in order to connect with their Ancestors and their inner wisdom.  The power of this deep receptive space brought healing to the whole community.

In our contemporary culture it is rare for women to take this space and time.  In order to create the space to honour Moontime it is important to use the resources available within the whole menstrual cycle to meet the demands of life.  At the most basic level, that means making subtle, or major, changes to the way we live so that we are more productive when our energies are high and that we rest, rejuvenate, and receive when they are at their lowest (around Moontime).  There are also particular strengths within each phase of our cycles that can be used to increase our effectiveness.

In this ‘Moon Medicine Dance’ workshop we will explore how the energies of the menstrual cycle change throughout the month.  We will work with it as a Medicine Wheel using primarily dance/movement to embody the different energies.


Dancing Love

with Yollana Shore

yollana love heartDancing Love is a simple and profound journey to connect with the innate freedom of your essential being, through the gateway of your body.

Our bodies are a sacred temple. In a profound and everyday way, our bodies are the crucible through which we have the capacity to both limit and to extend the Love and Truth that resides within us…

In this workshop we gently bring our awareness to our bodies through movement that is joyful, wild, playful and quiet in a sacred exploration that can release old fears and limitations and expand your capacity to embody Love’s work in the world.

“The dance workshop with Yollana was an amazing combination of spiritual, emotional and physical awakening.” Kerry, Sunshine Coast


Yollana Shore

Yollana ShoreYollana Shore loves to dance.

In her own words:

“Oh how I have always loved dance! I’ve studied ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, bellydance, flamenco, african, contemporary, contact, peace and folk dances all over the world. I’ve performed to large audiences and small, from concert halls to festivals.

I’ve raged, cried and healed to 5 rhythms and ecstatic dance and led workshops where people who believed they “can’t dance”, joyfully discovered they can.

For me, dance is a creative, healing and sacred act. I dance for the God/Goddess within and around me… And in return, I connect with His/Her flow of divine light and love.”