Chirone Shakti

Chirone ShaktiChirone Shakti is passionate about empowering women to live to their true potential.  She is a professional astrologer and counsellor who works deeply with Systemic & Family Constellations to bring about profound healing in her clients.  Chirone is an elder of the Being Woman community and has been involved with the gathering from the very start.



Weaving the New Dream through Constellations

Sexuality and the Ancestral Thread

with Chirone Shakti

Ancestral handsThe thread of our ancestors, both male and female, weaves its way into the very fabric of our lives, not least in the subtle influence on our relationships, our sexuality and our identity as women.

Embracing our lineage, in all its hues, helps to accept, honour and heal us as women, in a deep cellular way, a way that has the potential to heal the collective whole.

This experiential workshop explores and transforms the influence of our lineage (both masculine and feminine) on our sexuality.

The workshop relates to the theme of this year’s gathering by connecting our sexuality with our ancestral heritage – the energetic imprints that we carry from our female lineage and also our male lineage – which becomes our blueprint for relationship in this life.  This workshop offers participants the opportunity to explore and heal these imprints.