body art

Holly Blossom

Holly Blossom is an artist and your body is her canvas. In her own words: Adventuring into the great unknown, every face, every body, every stroke of my brush organically inspired. Created from an empty space of pure potential. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain, embarking on new canvases, allowing the design …

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Ancestral Face and Body Art

with Angel Randall The Ancestral Face and Body Art workshop uses the collective intuition of those participating in a collaborative fashion to apply body paint to each woman. Your face becomes the group’s canvas. The Painting styles are based on each woman’s ancestry as intuited by the other participants. This may be a past life or …

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Angel Randall

Angel Randall has been a Face and Body artist for the past 8 years, building on her foundational talents as a sculptor, multi media artist and actor. She does Tarot readings, Psychometry readings, Rune casting and Remote Healing. A mother to 4 children, she also holds classes and workshops from her studio space in the magical township …

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