Sonia Pala

Sonia PaliaHi, I’m Sonia!
I’m one of the women in this year’s First Circle.

Last year was the first time I attended Being Woman and in fact it was the first time I’d ever attended any type of women’s gathering and had no idea what to expect! But at the beginning of the year I had made a conscious decision that I was going to dedicate that year to my inner growth, spirituality and healing old wounds so when I saw the event on Facebook just a month before the even I felt called to buy a ticket and attend.

I went alone and though I didn’t know anyone there I immediately felt at ease and comfortable as soon as I got there. Well, the experience was so wonderful and inspiring that at the closing ceremony my legs walked me into the centre to step up for First Circle even though my head was still ticking thinking of all the reasons why I couldn’t do it, too busy, enough on my plate, don’t have the time, etc. And on top of that I didn’t even know what being in First Circle entailed! LOL! Yet I knew in my heart that that’s exactly where I needed to be so I stayed… not that my legs were going to take me anywhere else anyway despite all the head chatter! LOL!

And now I know why I was meant to be in First Circle this year. I feel so blessed to have shared this amazing journey with my beautiful and wise First Circle sisters and I am so thankful for their support, insight and wisdom. As well as all the wonderful facilitators who have taken us through beautiful inner work throughout the year… I have had an incredible journey of growth and becoming the conscious woman that I aspire to be and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to join such a beautiful community.

My background is in Project Management but aside from work my passions are animals, dancing and music and anything creative really. Have been dancing all kinds of styles since I was 5 and have been playing African drums for 15 years, djembe and doun doun predominantly. Dance and music are what has kept me alive, young and inspired all these years! I live with my beautiful staffy dog and my gorgeous 11 kg gigantic cat named Gordon!

I look forward to meeting all you beautiful women that will be attending this year’s Being Woman and seeing you find your wings so you have the Freedom to Fly!


Lisa Malcolm

Lisa MalcolmHi everyone 🙂

I’m Lisa, I have been a part of First Circle this year, and what an amazing year it’s been. I first stepped up to first circle, as I had attended two Being Woman Gatherings and I could see what a wonderful benefit the gathering is to the women who attend. And, as an ongoing creation, I could see how being a part of a conscious community is so valuable, both to the people directly involved and to the wider community. Attending the gatherings and participating in such connectedness with a wonderful group of women and furthering the re-emergence of the honouring of the divine feminine, seemed so valuable that I was willing to put my time and effort into Being Woman… I wanted to contribute to this beautiful community.

What I didn’t quite expect was how much I would personally grow and transform this year.

I’m a mum of 2 daughters 9 & 10 years old, and I’m also an environmental scientist who worked for 15 years at Griffith University EcoCentre, teaching sustainability and being the community network coordinator, so I have a lot of experience in working with community and organising events etc. I’m also a healer/researcher, Reiki master, past life regressionist, co-author of the book ‘Awakening Your Intelligent Heart’, co-creator of Luminous Women, based on feminine spiritual practice and a women’s temple facilitator.

So the conscious women’s community work seemed a natural place for me to contribute my time and skills, which I have done this year. But…whatever I have put in, has been returned a thousand fold this year, in the learning, the growth and the personal transformations that have taken place through the conscious connection with the loving, wonderful, authentic and supportive circle of women that made up first circle this year, through the wisdom of the basket, through the wisdom of the elders that have guided us along the way and through the love, struggles, beauty, support, and wisdom of the Being Woman Community as a whole.

I feel blessed to have been a part of First Circle this year and just want to say THANK YOU!

Hope to see you at the gathering.
Love Lisa xx

Linda Topfer

LindaTopferHi, I’m Linda.
I’m part of your First Circle for this years’ Being Woman Gathering.

I have been to a few Being Woman events in the past, in part with the view to get to know myself again after an interesting upbringing with an unusual take on Femininity and a crippling illness that I almost let claim my life and took away many years of memory and I felt, my identity.

2015 Being Woman was different however. I’m not sure if turning 40 had something to do with it, or desperately wanting to be a worthy feminine Role Model for my cluey pre-teen Daughter or other substances at play, either way, I felt the call to the 2016 First Circle well before attending that year.

Not usually being one to feel connected to other Woman and more a Tom boy loner at heart, I have enjoyed connection with some Elders I’ve never met and dare not bother before (both female & male), Experiencing the profound depth of ancient healing wisdom, finding my home (both inside and out), feeling useful and wanted and feeling genuine wonder at the talented and soulful Women on the 2016 First Circle with me. I have grown so much beyond my limitations my mind had created.

Grown into both the Agriculture & Automotive industries, I now own & manage a very successful Mechanical Company that I created with my supportive & open, high school sweetheart Husband. We are both evolving creatures that live in our bush, North –West Brisbane Home, shared with above mentioned Daughter, indoor cat and a plethora of native animals.

I have passion for Learning, the Natural World, Music, Adventure, thinking outside the box, Natural Medicines & “Old Ways” for Health & Healing, challenging conventional thinking, soul enriching Child Education, sharing knowledge, Driving Cars Fast (Racing), anything in the air or below the sea level, Conscientious Business, people watching and try to tie my curious deep thinking together with a Black sense of Humour*. (* Not necessarily in that order!)

I thoroughly hope you find some “Freedom to Fly” for yourself, at this 2016 Being Woman Gathering.

Heidi Meier

Heidi MeierIn March last year, I attended my 2nd Being Woman gathering. Prior to 2014 I had never been to any sort of women’s gathering and was unsure what to expect. It was such a wonderful experience I had to come back again.

I can’t really put in words the energy and peace I found at this event. I just knew I’d like to be a part of creating an event that had the potential to affect women in a similar way. So, at the end of the week-end I stepped up to First Circle so I could be a part of the magic.

I was hesitant, however…..would I have the time etc? Doubts crept into my head. Afterall, I am a home educating mother of 4 gorgeous children, (the youngest being 6 and the eldest 14). Do I need something else to do? But still I felt it was where I needed to be!

Here, I am almost 12 months later, I have shared wonderful moments with my circle sisters, (including support and elder circles) and I look forward to many more as we weave together this beautiful event. It is so refreshing to take time for me, and to spend time with women and learn from and with them. It is truly a joy that just puts a smile on my face and fills my heart with happiness. I look forward to meeting more of our wonderful community as our beautiful gathering takes flight.

Much love,