Shannon Ichikawa

I am a woman of many loves and talents. The most expansive one at this time is supporting people to find lasting love through Transformational Personal Coaching. My studies through the Rapid Coaching Academy, and through many years as a counsellor and in my own exploration of own my inner life has convinced me of the enrichment we can bring to ourselves and the world when we really see and reach towards our highest potential. I use an exceptional tool kit to facilitate development that includes modalities such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, or ‘Tapping’), Peace Processing, deep listening, Aikido principles, Laughter Yoga and experiential group work.

The aim of the work I do in the world is supporting people to live full, rich, joyous, healthy and happy lives and the ripple effect of Love that this has on others and the beautiful planet we call home. It is an honor to be a part of The Joining and Being Woman communities, I love being in community with people who grow consciously, and who celebrate Life and Love together!

Welcome Lasting Love and The Sacred Joy of Relationship

Aikido for Women

With Shannon Ichikawa

Aikido for WomenAikido for women harnesses feminine wisdom as it uses the lines of nature and our Ki, or life force energy to move and flow in a martial dance.

Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art that focuses the peaceful and harmonious aspects of the martial arts.

Many women are drawn to Aikido due to it’s sophistication as a martial art and the focus on energy and movement.

Aikido is a body-centered way to tap into our natural energy flow more easily.