Stacey O’Brien

Stacey O'BrienStacey is co-author of the book “A Kiss From An Angel, an inspirational journey through grief and the loss of a child”, created after the stillbirth of her first son, Finn.

Facilitator of grief and loss training for over 10 years to students of social work, counselling, midwives, hospitals and support groups of bereaved parents.  Developed from this much sort after work is her second book, A Healers Workbook which is a needed resource for the grief industry and a self help book for its tireless workers.

Stacey has run similar workshops with The Compassionate Friends, journaling grief and loss to help heal the hearts of bereaved parents.  The journey of grief and triumph in Stacey’s story is inspiring and has seen her turn her pain into a healing gift she now shares with others.

Healing her own heart she now uses crystals, massage and non-judgemental guidance to help others recognize the destructive patterning in their lives and gain self love and worthiness which helps them heal old emotional wounds.

Stacey has hosted a drum making workshop and participated in ceremony many times while assisting in the running of drum makings, shamanic and crystal healing workshops.

She has a very open and approachable manner and a genuine desire to gift people the joy of healing and self love.


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