Sing Your Heart


sing your heartwith Kate B

‘For centuries, women have gathered to share song and share joy. In ancient cultures singing was linked with the sacred and with healing in all stages of the life cycle. Through movement, rhythm, sound and creative expression they came together to share their women’s wisdom, hold space for each other in a nurturing, safe and sacred space.’

Join Kate in this workshop where we will stand together, just like our ancestors did, and embrace and create our group sound connection and remember our female lineage and their journeys. With ease and joy we will traverse our sound landscapes weaving harmonies and creating magic.

Music is magic, it weaves, it flows and through it we create space for all of us to come together as one….one sound at a time, one voice at a time adding to the whole. As each of you finds your inner place of stillness you come from that true place of authenticity and are lead to more joyous connection to yourselves and others.

Singing together synchronizes our heartbeats and we connect as one beating rhythm, physically, energetically and spiritually. Through harmony, sound, movement and rhythm we will travel together, deeply moving into sacred spaces, nurturing ourselves, holding each other and sharing our voices, joyously.

Explore your vocal instrument and learn how to sing from the heart leaving behind any ‘stories’ about what singing is and surrendering to your innate voice wisdom.  Let us share with you an easeful way to find your natural voice and sing from a place of deep presence and be inspired.

We will explore our natural sound, learn beautiful traditional songs from the ancestors, embrace the rhythms of the now time we are exploring and will joyously create breath taking harmonies and immerse ourselves in the healing resonance we create. We will play with sound and song, improvising and take you on a journey that is light, joyous and fun.

Kates bring her rich experience and a passion for creating connection through group song, creating a supporting and nurturing space for you to be uplifted in sound.



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