A Sacred Tool for Weaving the Dream

With Nelly and Betsy

“Talking Stick remind me

Of each Sacred Point of View,

Complete within the Circle

Of the Scared Hoop.”

(Jamie Sams)


When women gather in circles, powerful medicine takes place.

In this workshop Nelly and Betsy will combine their Shamanic and Creative talents to create a sacred space filled with joy and creation. Women will create their own Sacred Tool infused with the intention and energy of weaving a new dreaming and reconnecting with their Sacred Joy.

Nelly’s Yogic laughter will infuse the space with the joy of releasing tension; inviting joy, calm and relaxation, into the right side of the brain to ready the group for creation.

Participants will journey around the Sacred Circle of Whole Consciousness to prepare them for the creation of their Talking or Message Stick.

The Talking or Message Sticks are powerful symbols to be made with the clear intention of holding all that is positive, and all that is supportive for the maker’s desire to be the best they can be. It is a tool for bringing these intentions to gatherings, conversations and meetings; bringing balance, harmony and balanced power.  The intention set prior to making the Talking Stick and the materials used bring powerful medicine to its owner and make it a wonderful object for circles, gatherings and Ceremony.

All the materials will be supplied. However, due to time limitations, Betsy will collect sticks for the making, in the Shamanic way, so that yours can choose you from the selection. If participants wish to bring their own stick, this will be fantastic too!

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