Sacred Joy in Our Cycle – from our Matrix of Creation

With Bronwyn Lakay

Following the Inner Seasons of our Cycle, we will be reconnecting and rejoicing with our journey in Womanhood.  This workshop will allow participants to delve into our matrix of creation.  We will explore the emotions and characteristics of our Inner Seasons – and how we joyfully get to partake in a fertility journey – whether  it be giving life to babies, ideas, projects, careers, hobbies and empowered women.  It is a workshop beneficial for all women – to understand where we’ve been , where we are and where we want to be.  It presents an opportunity to release old patterns, creating positive intentions and joy; knowing that it is our birth right when we embody our full femininity.

The essence of the workshop is to go through the characteristics of each of the four Seasons which relate to our moon cycles: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter correlating to the moon phases and archetypal Maiden, Mother, Enchantress/Sage & Wise Woman.  We will discuss what we get to experience through each phase of our cycle, physically and emotionally; connecting with our cycles of creation through our natural hormonal flux.  We are our own medicine… We hold the keys/ codes to Balance…  Remembering or understanding our cycles empowers us to utilise our sacred gifts, reaping deep, abundant rewards as we harness our energy at the right time for Us…Which entails and allows the Joy of our Dreams to come to fruition.

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