Sacred Circle Dance

with Isabela Keski-Frantti and Sue Collins

Circle DanceThe whole Universe pulsates and dances the Cosmic Dance. Life is movement, life has rhythm and cycles. As a representation of the macro, Sacred Circle Dances are a microcosm in which we dance the mysteries of the Universe and experience our connection, in and out. As dancers we become the connectors between Earth and Sky.  As we dance in this sacred circle we become one and activate the spiritual dimension in the centre of the circle.

Dance in a circle is known as one of the oldest forms of dances, long before oral language was spoken. It is an ancient tradition common to many cultures as a way to celebrate life cycles, divinity, the seasons, the four elements, rites of passages and all that has meaning and is sacred to those who gather to dance. These dances have been danced and passed down from one generation to another, they are a form of story telling.

Sacred Circle Dance as a contemporary movement is known as a collection of traditional and not so traditional dances. They are dances from all over the world – Celtic, Native American, Eastern, European, South American, African, Indigenous and others. The steps are simple and repetitive, some more meditative, some more uplifting. It is a beautiful way to experience deep universal peace and the diversity and richness of different cultures in the world, yet they nurture unity and communion.  They are a form of active meditation, in which we activate sacred geometric forms and archetypes that assist us in the trajectory of Light.

In this workshop we will experience dances that connect us with the different feminine archetypes – Mother Earth and the Goddess in different cultures.

Isabela and Sue are Sacred Circle Dance teachers in Tweed Valley. They have been mentored by Sheila Casteleign, who founded the group Daughters of the Goddess over ten years ago and has recently passed on the Sacred Circle Dance teachings to both of them.


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