Returning to the TrueHeart – Your Sacred Self

With Heather Price

Every woman and man has a blueprint that reflects the truth of who they really are, beneath the masks they wear to survive life. The heart that holds the blueprint of truth, sacredness and possibility is called the TrueHeart. The masks that are created in order to survive are attached to and driven by what I refer to as the WoundedHeart. The TrueHeart is attached to the collective and whole soul consciousness and potential, and it is aware of, but never governed of fooled by, the WoundedHeart. On the other hand, the WoundedHeart is consumed by introspection and is self-centred, with low self-worth and limited vision.

This workshop offers the opportunity to rediscover and return to your TrueHeart and sacred self, and to create new pathways that reflect this. This truth of Self goes beyond this life, to the truth of the soul. This is an opportunity to revisit a past life where you immersed yourself into sacred joy at every opportunity. By awakening to this memory, you are opening up a portal that you can tap into and bring sacred joy into this life.

Your Experience:

  • Enjoy a shamanic drum journey to revisit a life where you experienced sacred joy and awaken this vibration in this life.
  • Explore who you are and what brings you joy, and what resists this experience.
  • Practice creative visualization to weave and create new dreams and new ways.
  • Commit to an action that will support your way forward into sacred joy.


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