Rest, Reconnect, Remember: An Invitation for Women of Heart

What does it mean to listen deeply to your own heart? How does it feel to move in deep connection with your own wisdom while holding yourself precious and sacred? How about honouring that which you have always known yet may have been afraid to acknowledge?

Imagine a woman who offered the same love and generosity to herself as she does the world?

You are invited to a sacred Women’s Circle and Letter Writing Workshop with Kate M Foster.

This is an opportunity to connect with your own inner wisdom while being gently guided to explore your inner landscape through meditation, reflection and letter writing.

This workshop is ideal for those who may feel shy or enjoy silence and inner work. This is an extremely safe workshop where sharing is always optional, participants need not speak or share at all. The focus is on inner reflection, insight and acknowledging the innate wisdom that already lies within your own heart. Writing is an amazing way to access your inner gifts and you will be supported to discover and connect with these gifts during this the workshop.


What to expect:

Rest while being gently guided through meditation allowing you to connect with your own body and inner wisdom.

Reconnect with truth and your unique gifts while writing a heart-full letter to yourself.

Remember the truth and brilliance of who you are now, already, in this very moment and move into the world from this place of deep connection and truth.


Rest, Reconnect, Remember:  A workshop of Profound change birthing peace, purpose and connection into the world. This is so much more than a Letter Writing Workshop. It’s an invitation to your deepest heart.



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