RELATING WITH MEN – The Good, the Bad and the Transformational

with Robin Clayfield

I don’t mean that men are good or bad. Lets explore our relating and our relationships with men. What works, what doesn’t. What supports us to shine in our wholeness and what lurks in the shadows and gets in the way.

What is it about how we relate with men that supports them to be the very best men they can be and supports us to be the very best women we can be. Is there anything we are doing that gives rise to the shadow in ourselves and our relationships? What can we as women do to take responsibility for our part in challenges that arise, in our relationships, family life, work and society.

How do we communicate? How do we ask for help and support? How do we act and be around men and in relationship with men? What assumptions do we make? Are there habits, patterns or conditioning we act on that don’t really reflect our heart’s desire? Any past wounds or neediness activated that colour the journey?

This workshop acknowledges the history of all the good work being done over decades to support women to be who they are today and it invites a look at where we are now in relation to men, using transformational and creative tools and processes, movement, guided journeys, sacred circle and deep exploration.

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