Reconnect To the Ancient Ways

Reconnect To the Ancient Ways – The Original Lores of the Land

with Ninindi Johnstone


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Join me for The Renewal Of The Dreaming Ceremony – Life Changing And Earth Renewing – Discover the Secrets Your Ancestors Want You To Know About.

Would you love to live your life in-tune with the Original and Ever-Present Lore’s of the Land, so that you can be truly at peace with your life, in harmony with nature, and experience the continual blessing’s that living in this way brings? What does it feel like to be truly connected and in-tune with the land and nature? You receive so many unexpected blessings and wisdom, it’s unbelievable.

Every few months we hold a ceremony over a few days which I will take a portion out of for Being Woman Gathering. It’s called Renewal of The Dreaming. It’s all about you and your connection to the land, and how that affects us all.

Ceremony is simply a way for you to show your respect and honouring of life. It is through ceremony that you acknowledge your Ancestors. Those that came before you and followed the dreaming paths from the skies to the Earth realm. Those that created the Dreaming Lore’s from their living being. Those that are ever-present today, and that you too will know, once you connect-in through ceremony.

Dreaming Lore gives us the guiding principles with which to live life in complete harmony and group sustenance while living here on Earth. A little while ago I was asked by Spirit to write down those Dreaming Lores. So I connected to the Great Great Grand Mothers and brought through 13 guiding principles that Dreaming Lore is based upon. You will receive those 13 Guiding Principles of Dreaming Lore at the Being Woman Gathering workshop.

What is it that you are seeking in life? Is it more security?  More sustenance or abundance? More love? More money? More peace, loving relationships, stability?

Do you know that connection to Spirit and all that that involves is your answer? That connection leads you into a space of true happiness, self-responsibility, and awareness that allows you to achieve any goal, target or milestone?

And we can show you, through ceremony how to connect to Spirit and to All That Is.

Allow me to give you a little exercise on connection to demonstrate.

First, connect to your source. Imagine, sense, see or feel an egg shaped bubble around yourself. Expand that bubble to the room you’re in. Then expand that bubble to the size of the town you’re in. Now expand that bubble to the size of the state you’re in. And expand that bubble to the size of the country you’re in. Expand that bubble to the size of the Earth. And expand that bubble to the outer edges of the Earth.

Now allow the edges of the bubble to fade away and reveal a 4-pointed star in its place.  The 4-pointed star radiates from your belly to deep into the Earth, to directly above you, and to either side of you. This star represents your anchoring, connection, and balance harmoniously. 

Next is the conscious realisation of your feelings, which highlights for you whether or not the choice you are about to make in life, or the internal messages you receive are, beneficial to your whole wellbeing. And it’s really very simple. Whatever you choose, or the internal message you receive, does it feel light and joyful, or heavy or wearisome. Or somewhere in between? If it’s somewhere in between, then ask for further clarification. Perhaps only an aspect of what you choose, or part of your internal message is correct.  So, when you get the in-between feeling, check out all the details of that choice or internal message for a light and joyful, or heavy and wearisome feeling.

Now connect to your Spirit family, particularly in the form of your correlated self, or creature representation. Recognising your Spirit family gives you direct insight into your own self, your Ancestral heritage, and your personal characteristics and persona.  Ask yourself this question – What is the symbol or creature representation for my Spirit family group? And the first answer that comes is usually the correct one. Does it feel light and joyful, or heavy and wearisome feeling? Bring with you this symbol or creature representation to the workshop at Being Woman Gathering. With it we will guide you to further connection and further clarification of what it means for you to be connected to your place, and with that, to feel complete peace, delight, joy, and experience continual blessing in your life.

If you are interested in living in harmony, and connecting to your true roots, your place in this world and All That Is, then this ceremony is for you.

If you are interested in living your life according to Dreaming Lore and appreciating your relationships, then this ceremony is for you.


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