Facilitators - Being Woman 2019

Robin Clayfield

Workshop:  Pathway to Freedom

Robin is an international Facilitator, Trainer, Author of three books and a Musician. Her big passions are Creative, Interactive Group Work, Women’s and Men’s Empowerment, Permaculture, Deep Ecology, Ritual and Ceremony. Working with the Mum’s on ‘Journey’s to Manhood’ Camps. Playing in the Garden, being a Grandma and Deep Relating with her partner Rob stirs her Heart and Soul.

She presents Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation courses locally and globally, workshops on Earth Connection, Visioning, Decision Making and Social Permaculture plus Consultancy for Trainers, Facilitators and Community Organisations.

Robin has led many Wild Women’s Wisdom weekends and Relationship Retreats and facilitates at festivals and gatherings, including Woodford Folk Festival, ‘The Joining’, Community Development Conferences and ‘Being Woman’. She is an ‘Elder’ and Ceremony Holder for ‘The Joining’ and ‘Being Woman’ Community and an acknowledged Elder and Pioneer of the Global Permaculture Movement.

‘The Love Feast’ relationship process, ‘The Sacred Union Labyrinth’ and ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Methodology are her creations which she loves sharing with the world. 


Heather Price

Workshop:  Sacred Immersion into Your True-Heart Nature

Heather has been attending Being Woman events for about ten years, and has facilitated workshops and ceremony in all but her first attendance at the gatherings. She has been involved at grassroots level, along with her ceremonial sisters, for these sacred women’s annual gatherings, particularly in the ceremonial aspects that support Being Woman during and beyond the yearly event.

Heather Price has practised in the wellbeing industry for over 20 years. She is a longstanding clinical member of PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia) and QCA (Queensland Counsellors Association), and has a degree and great interest in social science. She has been assisting clients with personal and professional development in community spaces for twenty years, and corporate arenas for more than ten years, as a counselling/coaching/healing practitioner, consultant, mentor and teacher. She is passionate about inspiring those who work with her to live, love and lead authentically, and in a spirited way, both in personal and professional spaces.

Heather supports a number of women’s communities and groups in Queensland as a mentor, inspirational speaker and workshop presenter, and is the founder of VisionKeepers, a leadership group, in Sydney. She lives in Sydney and travels regularly to Queensland, where she previously lived and worked for 18 years. Heather spent her first 38 years her life on the land. As an adult, she raised her family on an isolated rural property in northern NSW. This has influenced her commitment to sustainability of our natural environments, and assisted her to understand the power and necessity of community and teamwork for survival and satisfying outcomes. Heather is the fifth generation of her family to be born in Australia as a caretaker of land and her long, and inherent, connection with nature, and respect for the original peoples of this land and their teachings, has contributed to her choice to embrace ancient earth-wisdom teachings, and to weave these through her work at every opportunity.


Dinnawhan White (Indigenous Elder)

Acknowledgement of Country, Opening/Closing Ceremonies +

Who Am I, but the substance of all reality, held together by faith and imaginary, what you see with the naked eye, I do not exist, I'll tell you why, look again, a little closer this time and you see not my personality but my peace and spirituality.

I am responsible for everyone and everything that enters into my life. The Law of Attraction. Vibration attracts Vibration.





Chirone Shakti

Workshop:  Nurturing Your True Nature, Through the Wisdom of Astrology

I'm passionate about empowering women to transform their lives. The reason I love what I do is that I love seeing the transformation and sense of empowerment that comes as women start to understand themselves better, connect with their path and really fulfil their potential.

The main modality I work with is Astrology - I find the insights it can bring to any situation just amazing. It’s a fantastic starting point for any journey of transformation and personal empowerment.

I've been a professional astrologer since 1993, and I've also got a background as a professional counsellor and therapist.

For people with specific issues they want to address, my approach is gentle but with profound results. I use Astrology to help people realise their full potential (it’s all there in the chart!) and to transform any negative patterns that are playing out in their lives.

To me, Astrology is a wonderful modality that works with archetypal energies and uses the language of symbolism to bring the light of conscious awareness to any situation.

I see clients for personal consultations on the Sunshine Coast and over the internet, and I also teach Astrology from Beginner level to Advanced/Professional. I’ve been involved with Being Woman from the very beginning of its conception right through to what it is today.


Simone M Mathews

Workshop: A Walk through Thyme

Simone is a best selling author, international speaker, teacher and founder of the UniversalLifeTools.com Wisdom School.

Simone believes that at the heart of every woman is an electric brilliance that is yearning to be unleashed and when this raw primal beauty is set free, a new era of womanhood emerges, an uprising of Desire Radiance.
Radiance is bold, it’s vibrant, it’s provocative. Radiance oozes presence, is the source of creativity and is the activator of heartfelt desires. Yet our collective Womanhood has been taught to contain it. Keep it small. Hide it from the world. Simone’s passion is helping woman reclaim their Wild Woman Radiance to rekindle the love of the feminine body, bring back sensual in relationships and ultimately ignite a force of creative power that beams a fierce yet Graceful Love.

Simone is the creator of her Wisdom Schools - Crystal Light Healing®, Essence of Angels® & Aetheric HealingTM International Certification Courses - world first programs that awaken & guide people into stepping into the life they were born to live.

Simone has been featured as a leading expert in Ancient Wisdom, Plant Spirit Medicine Alchemy & re-Wilding the Feminine and is a much sought-after international speaker, keynote presenter & retreat facilitator. She has been a guest speaker on TV & radio and is a regular contributor to publications both in Australia and Internationally.

Between work & travel, you will find Simone in her home town of Noosa, Australia- swimming in the ocean, hiking in the hinterland, preparing enheartened LIGHTrition meals for family & friends, or curled up under a tree with a good book... yes the old-fashioned paper kind!



Workshop: Sacred Womens' Way Dreaming Practice

Asaya is an artist, visionary, guided imagery and dream facilitator assisting others through the language of true imagination, healing imagery, birthing dreams and creative conceptions into being and returning to the remembrance of the inner-seer, the wisdom of the heart.

Her background is in body-mind communication which gave her the understanding of the outer form and how it informs us through the shape we are in and for the last 7 years she has been dedicated to the embodiment and understanding of the inner language of dreaming and true imagination that informs us from the inside out.

For the last 6 years Asaya have been facilitating creative conception journeys for new businesses, mostly with women who are transitioning out of corporate jobs and into what she calls their hearts work. The end result is an original creation of their business logo which holds the imagery and essence of their dream, intent and vision.

Asaya also facilitates guided imagery for groups for health and inner transformation, for conception and to assist women during pregnancy and labour.

She continues to develop her collection of original art as healing imagery that she sells internationally and works one on one with those who would like to ignite their creative genius and step into their hearts calling.


Shannon Ichikawa

Workshop: Be your own kind of Beautiful and step into Audacious Action to Welcome Lasting Love!

I am a woman of many loves and talents. The most expansive one at this time is supporting people to find lasting love through Transformational Personal Coaching. My studies through the Rapid Coaching Academy, and through many years as a counsellor and in my own exploration of own my inner life has convinced me of the enrichment we can bring to ourselves and the world when we really see and reach towards our highest potential. I use an exceptional tool kit to facilitate development that includes modalities such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, or ‘Tapping’), Peace Processing, deep listening, Aikido principles, Laughter Yoga and experiential group work.
The aim of the work I do in the world is supporting people to live full, rich, joyous, healthy and happy lives and the ripple effect of Love that this has on others and the beautiful planet we call home. It is an honour to be a part of the Being Woman and The Joining communities, I love being in a community with people who grow consciously, and who celebrate Life and Love together!


Penny Hayes

Workshop: Woman's Way - through the Body and Feelings to Feminine Essence.

Penny has had a truly interesting career, starting as a pharmacist, returning to university to become a social worker and then working professionally in a number of roles in the community sector until she sustained a severe back injury. This was the catalyst for a healing journey and Penny studied a number of interesting modalities, becoming a private practitioner working as a process orientated counsellor, body-centred psychotherapist and energy healer and Feldenkrais Practitioner.

Penny is passionate about facilitating women’s groups and circles and is very much involved in them! She has been holding the Women’s Wellbeing monthly circle at her house for many years.

Penny is endlessly curious, questioning, and passionate about how and why things and people work. She has a keen eye, an enquiring mind and an open heart. This is why she is also such a luminary poet and author! Last year after ten years of working towards a project of great passion – she released a very special book, a book that is more than a collection of incredible poetry, but rather a personal growth guide, a healing spiritual journey, an exploration of the five elements (Earth,  Air,  Fire, Water, Ether) and how you can use them in your life.  The book is called “Journeying through the Elements”


Willow Salathiel

Workshop: Heart and Hands – A woman’s way through clay!

Willow Joy Salathiel is an Art Therapist on a mission to melt those frozen creative juices. She works from the premise that creativity, health and wellbeing are inextricably linked and that art making, while valuable and fun in and of it-self, can provide pathways to healing and greater self-awareness.
Willow was born a wanderer, a seeker, a creator – a curious, spontaneous and sensitive child, lover of art and nature. Rejecting her sensitivity, creativity and passion as a child, she moved through life in a way she felt others approved of, abandoning Art making and loosing touch with her passion, joy and creative life.
Willow is motivated to dispel the myth that a creative life is for the rare and few who are born with so called “talent” and foster instead an understanding of creativity as being part of our essential life force, available to all.


Mariana Ibrahim

Workshop: Urban Womans Temple

I have been working with women for more than two decades, and have run extensive mirror dance workshops called Juicy Woman for over a decade now in Melbourne.

My passion is to witness and allow women to come into their own natural essence, by following their communication centres in their bodies. My workshop is based on deeply connecting with the inner landscape and witnessing the external landscape take new shape as the adjustments are made in the witness process.

I also have set up a womens Temple in Mullum called House of Metamorphosis. This is a safe space for women to come and rest and create the new version of themselves, or simply take some respite from their normal routine. I run womens circles monthly here and and about to start a full retreat programme for 2019.


Anne Miller

Workshop: Looking Through Addictions

I am a holistic counsellor who uses process orientated psychotherapy techniques that specialise in addiction to help people understand the depth and breathe of the life journey they are on.

I have worked in schools, with individuals and families to support spiritual, emotional development. Working with a wide range of children and people on many different issues I have developed a smorgasbord of tools that help my practice.

My skills include developing and teaching Creative Qigong, psychological kinesiology, breathe work, and sand tray, narrative and person cantered therapy.

I have a background in medical research, and Montessori and Steiner education.


Rene Bahloo

Workshop: Weaving Circle
(Presented by Rene Bahloo & First Circle)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Rene-Bahloo-facilitator2019.jpgRene Bahloo of “Weavery” hosts basket weaving circles, workshops and retreats on the Sunshine Coast and surrounds (and occasionally interstate). René is the empress of Weavery. She is a weaver, a teacher, a learner, and an artist. She weaves with the fibre of flow and meaning, spiralling ever outwards in order to manifest beauty and joyful wellbeing like a spider spins her masterpiece.

She invites others to gather in community, teaching cultural skills and sharing the active meditation of basket weaving, in a nurturing and supportive environment. René’s passions stem from her life-altering experience of Australian Indigenous culture in Arnhem Land, Australia. She loves and lives women’s business, environmental connectedness, creative perspectives, the weaving of conscious, joyful communities and the magical journey of life. Her goal is for us all to weave our world into a better place, to weave ourselves in healing and wellbeing, to weave our environment with passion and purpose.

She also hosts weaving and cultural expeditions in partnership with weavers in Indigenous communities in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia; Papua New Guinea and also Bushmen communities of Southern Africa.


Betsy Mills

Workshop: Create a Landscape of your Woman's Way

Betsy’s gift is her ability to guide you to find your calm place within and take you deeper for healing. She deeply believes in helping women to heal themselves and serves as a guide and teacher to support women in their healing journey.

Betsy has experienced a life informed by many changes which she has welcomed as both learning and turning points with new experiences around the corner.

Betsy’s passion is to learn to live from her True Spirit, in tune with Mother Nature and All That Is. She is a Shamanic Practitioner and Healer, Counsellor, Teacher, Artist and Grandmother who loves to walk
consciously in nature, play her flute and drum and create all kinds of things.


Stephanie Lister

Workshop: Ceremonial Embodyment

My passion is Mother Earth and the amazing tools she offers us for healing, growth and transformation.

The Earth is alive, and our ancestors totally connected and resonated with her magic daily.
Unfortunately, many of us have lost touch with her rhythm, her heartbeat.

It is my intention through my treatments and Gatherings to allow your body, mind and soul to connect with the Earths innate essence and the power of all of her elements.

To allow you to feel the EARTH in your physical body, grounding and connecting. Feel her FIRE in our belly’s for creation, manifestation and self-power.  Feel her WATER flowing through your system to open your heart to infinite compassion and love.  Feel your breath as it connects you to her breath, the WIND that dances around your being connecting to guides and spirit.

I use a combination of tools from Massage, Crystals, Sound Therapy, Young Living Essential oils, Resonance and Guided Meditations to create a state of Harmonic Balance throughout your whole being.


Christine Clegg

Workshop: The Sacred Joy of Feminine Embodiment

Christine is a woman who loves to explore.  As a child she could be found, sitting in the garden, amid her beloved circle of plants, secretly questing for communion with the invisible, knowing that there was more to existence than people acknowledged. Things she planted grew, and her dreams stayed hidden.

Then she began to explore. Many worlds, within and without. As a traveller, a scientist, a seeker, a musician, mother, music teacher, yoga teacher, holder of ceremonial space, but most potently, simply as a woman feeling her way.

One day, whilst exploring joy and devotion in her yoga practice, she found herself dancing on, and then off, the mat, to follow a calling to explore the embodiment of truth and transformation through dance. Having been greatly inspired and transformed by this exploration, she is delighted to discover herself as part of a growing and diverse movement of people, who are devotedly dancing themselves open to deeper connections, and into grounded, radiant well-being.

Presently working as a musician and yoga teacher, she also co-facilitates women’s new moon circles, dance explorations, and ceremonies for personal transformation.  She has a passion for holding space for people to experience the pleasure and potency of their own energy, and to gain awareness of, and find a connection with spirit, and their own, authentic, personal truth.


Rae Smith

Workshop: Connecting with the Inner Healer 

I hold a vision for a world where people are safe, happy and free. A world where people feel a connection to and a reverence for the sacredness of life and of Mother Earth.

I am passionate about walking with people on the journey inward; the journey home to that radiant and loving core within us all. When we have all come home to ourselves and to Truth, we will all be able to feel fully home here together on Earth and in this universe.

I have worked in the Human Services and Wellness industries since 1997 as a Counsellor, Massage Therapist and Energetic Bodyworker, Outdoor and Environmental Educator and Yoga Teacher and loved every second of it all. What has become really clear to me is that everyone wants to feel a sense of belonging, to feel loved and accepted for who they are.

I have travelled to India and completed my Yoga Teacher Training in Kundalini Yoga, travelled to sacred sites and connected to ancient energies, sat in satsung with Mooji, Shanti Maya and Sai Baba and sat a 10 day Vipassana meditation. I spent time in Findhorn in Scotland witnessing and participating in conscious community.  In Findhorn I experienced sacred and ecstatic dance practices for the first time, learned how to speak and commune with the plant kingdom and felt the overwhelming beauty of a community based on the principle of “Love in Action”.

I have participated in Rites of Passage work, reclaiming my own rites of passage as woman – shedding layers of shame, guilt and fear.

I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Postgraduate Diploma in Social Science specialising in Counselling and completed a Diploma in Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage. I continue to learn, to grow, to look within, to shed, to release, to expand and contract on this journey of fully reclaiming my essence, my Truth and sense of connection to the vastness.


Camilla Caeron

Workshop: Ecstatic Dance Temple

Camila Caeron is from Brazil, with Spanish-Portuguese roots and last year she has become an Australia Citizenship, having lived here for seven years. She is a spiritual seeker! And after about 18 years seeking and experiencing different therapeutic practices she finally feels like she has found her true self, her life purpose and she is now fully ready to share it.

Camila has been studying dance movement therapy, Tantra and facilitating transformational shamanic workshops for the past two years. The deeper she delves into those somatic practices, the greater her passion for sharing and empowering others. That’s why she created the Ecstatic Temple in 2016.

Through the 5Elements Dance Activation journeys she offers a pathway for people to be present in the moment and embody all that is going on in their emotional, energetic and physical body; giving space to honour their unique body as a Temple and fully embraces their free forms of expression. The great world music is chosen especially to help the dancer to embody the 5 Elements, to connect with nature and engage with their energy and the collective vibration of the group, to feel joy and connect with their inner goodness, their authentic self.

Camila is passionate to guide people to follow their body threads until they meet parts of their inner nature, their truth. Her work is for those seeking opportunities for authentic expression, a space to be gently guided through comfort and discomfort, light and dark, love and fear, in a dance towards unfolding their own inner truth, towards uncovering our own hidden strengths, towards the light within. Fully opening their heart to feel full bandwidth of emotions with love, acceptance and compassion. Live a more joyful, empowered and fulfilled life.

With the Ecstatic Temple Camila has been facilitating workshops in Northern Rivers NSW, Gold Coast and eventually in Melbourne. As well as transformational festivals and retreats.