Facilitators - Being Woman 2018

Robin Clayfield

Robin is an international facilitator, trainer, author of 3 books and a musician with a passion for creative, interactive group work, Women’s Empowerment, Permaculture, Deep Ecology, Ritual and Ceremony.

Heather Price

Heather promotes Spirited Living, Loving, and Leading to country across several states in Australia, and has held and been part of shamanic teaching circles overseas. Her favourite thing to do is to take people into nature on sacred earth walks to reconnect with their own spirit through the spirit of nature.  Heather facilitated a Sacred Circle to connect with nature spirits and the ancestors.

Indigenous Aunties

Aunties and Indigenous women who are part of, and connected with, our Being Woman community will be joining us again to offer their traditional wisdom, lore and culture (where appropriate) in Ceremony.

Rene Bahloo

René  is the empress of Weavery. She is a weaver, a teacher, a learner, and an artist. She weaves with the fibre of flow and meaning, spiralling ever outwards in order to manifest beauty and joyful wellbeing, like a spider spins her masterpiece. René ran a beautiful Weaving Circle.

BJ Long

BJ Long is a Travelling Storytelling HAG, a Playwright and Speaker Mentor who performs Sacred Physical-esque Theatre for Women. In 2016 her new play, ‘I am a Circle…Part 1:The Yggdrasil’ premiered at Vulcanna Womens Circus’ home at The Powerhouse in Brisbane. BJ’s one women show went on to open  the Goddess LA Conference in the US and The Australian Goddess Conference in Sydney 2017.

In Australia BJ has performed and presented sacred workshops for the beautiful women  of Earth Circles Studio, Bundaberg, Goddess Rising in Adelaide, to Women of the Riverland on a bend of The Great Murray River SA, ‘Welcome to The Big House’ in Pinbarren, a magnificent retreat in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Pallet Life in Maleny, in Monto Central Queensland and in Newmarket, Brisbane.  BJ shares the ancient chant: ‘I am a Circle I am Healing You. You are a Circle You are Healing Me’ with women everywhere.  Here offering this year is the incredible I Am a Circle

Chirone Shakti

Chirone is an astrologer and holistic therapist with a passion for relationship & family dynamics.  One of her favourite modalities to work with is Systemic Constellations, also known as Family Constellations, which can be applied to any system, not just family dynamics.  Chirone ran a Constellations workshop to help us take off!

Shannon Ichikawa

Shannon Ichikawa is a woman of many loves and talents. The most expansive one at this time is supporting people to find lasting love through Transformational Personal Coaching. My studies through the Rapid Coaching Academy, and through many years as a counsellor and in my own exploration of own my inner life has convinced me of the enrichment we can bring to ourselves and the world when we really see and reach towards our highest potential. I use an exceptional tool kit to facilitate development that includes modalities such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, or ‘Tapping’), Peace Processing, deep listening, Aikido principles, Laughter Yoga and experiential group work.Shannon ran a 'Welcome Lasting Love & The Sacred Joy of Relationship' workshop.

Nelly & Betsy

Betsy has been walking the Shamanic path has filled my life with gratitude and appreciation for the natural world and the spiritual energy that flows. Taking this path has brought joy, creative energy and balance into my life, giving me the drive to share what I have learnt and experienced, so that others may benefit.  She is a grandmother, Shamanic healer, counsellor, teacher, writer and artist. I love to inspire and be inspired. I love to create. I love to learn and share with others. I love to create sacred space and support others in their journey.

Nelly is on the path of the HeARTist, of simply connecting with Joy, and helping others reconnect with their Magical Inner Child.  Passionate about the women’s journey, and how women can reclaim their own personal power, her offerings comprise reiki, laughter yoga, circles facilitation and intuitive painting.

Christine Clegg

Christine has a calling to explore the embodiment of truth and transformation through dance. Having been greatly inspired and transformed by this exploration, she is delighted to discover herself as part of a growing and diverse movement of people, who are devotedly dancing themselves open to deeper connections, and into grounded, radiant well-being.  Presently working as a musician and yoga teacher, she also co-facilitates women’s new moon circles, dance explorations, and ceremonies for personal transformation.  She has a passion for holding space for people to experience the pleasure and potency of their own energy, and to gain awareness of, and find connection with spirit, and their own, authentic, personal truth.

Darshna Siva

Darshna has a passion for creating sacred circles in which people can journey deep to reconnect with aspects of themselves that leave an empowering impact. Darshna is a yoga teacher, intuitive healer and a channel. Using the gifts from her different traditions Darshna opens up space to allow each person to have their own experience in a safe and empowering way, always respectful of the enegies and the space in which she is working within.


As a visionary artist, imagery and dream facilitator I specialise in assisting others in discovering and birthing their creative conceptions and hearts dreams into being.  For the last 7 years I have been a full time artist and throughout this time have continued my training as a natural progression and deepening in the teaching of the language of imagery and dreaming from an ancient lineage of the Kabbalah called the ‘Kabbalah of Light’. Kabbalah is the ancient Jewish mystical path which means ‘to receive.’ Through specialised guided imagery this work is a simple and very effective way to by-pass the linear analytical mind and access the sub-conscious dreaming mind for instantaneous insight, creative expansion, health and transformation through the practice of inner vision.  I am hosing a workshop called Dreaming Into Being Sacred Conceptions

Zoe & Tanya

Shamanic Yoginis Zoe and Tanya weave their combined backgrounds of acupuncture, retreat facilitation and their experience of over 40 years in the Healing Arts, as an offering towards the Divine Feminine.

Both are Healers, Acupuncturists, Professional Art Therapists and leaders of Sacred Women’s work, mirroring parallel passions and life paths. Both Tanya & Zoe’s love and passion for embodied dance, creativity and resonant sound healing led them to combine their professional therapeutic skills with sacred women’s work, into experiential journey’s & retreats.

Their retreats ‘Weaving the Women’s Way’, ‘Awakening Shakti’, ‘Priestess Path’ and ‘Sacred Women’s Campouts’ combine therapeutic inner work with sisterhood, creativity, healing and play; allowing the full expression of one’s sacred self to emerge.

Bronwyn Lakay

Bronwyn’s journey began as a scientist, researching the brain and then she became a massage therapist in 1996.  Wanting to assist clients even more she embarked on becoming a Chiropractor.   As a “people person” she delved into more aspects of healing and for many years participated as an Associate Instructor of Reconnective Healing around the world until her daughter arrived.  Enjoying every moment of motherhood, allowed her to research and discover more ways of caring, serving and sharing with others. Having always loved both learning and teaching, she decided to embark on creating health and healing workshops accessible to everyone – to apply and share in our daily lives.  Bronwyn continues to practise on the Gold Coast as an holistic Chiropractor, Massage Therapist – specialising in Women’s Nurturing Massage, beneficial for reproductive, fertility and digestive conditions, Healer and Workshop Facilitator.  Her workshop is Sacred Joy in Our Cycle – from our Matrix of Creation

Camilla Caeron 

Camila Caeron is from Brazil, with Spanish-Portuguese roots and last year she has become an Australia Citizenship, having lived here for seven years. She is a spiritual seeker! And after about 18 years seeking and experiencing different therapeutic practices she finally feels like she has found her true self, her life purpose and she is now fully ready to share it.  Camila has been studying dance movement therapy, Tantra and facilitating transformational shamanic workshops for the past two years. The deeper she delves into those somatic practices, the greater her passion for sharing and empowering others. That’s why she created the Ecstatic Temple in 2016.

Through the 5Elements Dance Activation journeys she offers a pathway for people to be present in the moment and embody all that is going on in their emotional, energetic and physical body; giving space to honour their unique body as a Temple and fully embraces their free forms of expression. The great world music is chosen especially to help the dancer to embody the 5 Elements, to connect with nature and engage with their energy and the collective vibration of the group, to feel joy and connect with their inner goodness, their authentic self.  This year Camilla will facilitate Ecstatic Temple for all who wish to attend.