Facilitators - Being Woman 2016

Robin Clayfield

Robin is an international facilitator, trainer, author of 3 books and a musician with a passion for creative, interactive group work, Women’s Empowerment, Permaculture, Deep Ecology, Ritual and Ceremony.

Heather Price

Heather promotes Spirited Living, Loving, and Leading to country across several states in Australia, and has held and been part of shamanic teaching circles overseas. Her favourite thing to do is to take people into nature on sacred earth walks to reconnect with their own spirit through the spirit of nature.  Heather facilitated a Sacred Circle to connect with nature spirits and the ancestors.

Annie Meredith

Working throughout Australia and internationally at the cutting-edge of Mind-Body Medicine for 35 years as a lecturer, practitioner and author, Annie Meredith has long celebrated the Divine Feminine in her extensive life’s work.  Annie ran an Essence of Woman and the Divine Feminine workshop.

Indigenous Aunties

Aunties and Indigenous women who are part of, and connected with, our Being Woman community will be joining us again to offer their traditional wisdom, lore and culture (where appropriate) in Ceremony and their "Women’s Lore” Workshop.

Rene Bahloo

René  is the empress of Weavery. She is a weaver, a teacher, a learner, and an artist. She weaves with the fibre of flow and meaning, spiraling ever outwards in order to manifest beauty and joyful wellbeing, like a spider spins her masterpiece. René ran a beautiful Weaving Circle.

Catherine Dean

From a very young age Catherine has had an ongoing relationship with music, sound, performance, vocal training and vocal toning. Her passion is vocal toning, which she believes brings us as close to the Music of the Spheres or the Heavenly realm of Sound as we can achieve. Cathy ran Vocal Toning sessions.

Sarah Be

Sarah Be is a Transformation Specialist and Catalyst for change! She travels Australia wide unlocking limitations from people’s realities with her unique energetic awareness, creating a safe space for true change and resolution in any areas of life. Sarah ran a workshop to Unlock our Mind Limitations.

Yvonne Lumsden

Yvonne Lumsden is an author, modern-day Medicine Woman, healer, creative soul and wild kundalini dancer. Her work is intuitive with a focus on personal awakening, profound communication with the energetic and physical body, and a return to the wisdom of an open and vulnerable heart. Yvonne facilitated the Kundalini Dance on the Sunday night.

Chirone Shakti

Chirone is an astrologer and holistic therapist with a passion for relationship & family dynamics.  One of her favourite modalities to work with is Systemic Constellations, also known as Family Constellations, which can be applied to any system, not just family dynamics.  Chirone ran a Constellations workshop to help us take off!

Kate B

Kate B has been a singer for as long as she can remember and first picked up the guitar when she was 14.  She has done everything musical short of playing in an orchestra… from folk to blues and cafes to weddings and community choirs.  Among many other things, Kate facilitated a beautiful Chanting Circle.

Stacey O'Brien

Stacey is co-author of the book “A Kiss From An Angel, an inspirational journey through grief and the loss of a child”, created after the stillbirth of her first son, Finn. She  uses crystals to help others recognize the destructive patterning in their lives and helps them heal old emotional wounds. Stacey ran a workshop to help us Fly Free.

Aditya Moon

Aditya Moon has guided women’s circles, First Blood Ceremonies for Young Girls, Energetic Vibrational Cleansing on country;  been a catalyst of change in Government Departments and held private retreats and vision quests for those seeking her.  Aditya took us through  A Journey of Unconditional L.O.V.E.

Taryn Pallister

Taryn’s passion is creating space for self-liberation through conscious embodiment and authentic expression. Her  journey to find freedom inspired her to travel around the world training in many modalities including: Nia, Yoga, Dancing Freedom Inspired, Kahuna and Remedial massage.  Taryn ran Nia Diance workshops.

Holly Wodetzki

Holly Wodetzki, founder of Sacred & Devotional Erotic Dance, is deeply passionate about women’s embodiment of the Divine Feminine. She offers effective practices for women to have a direct experience of the Goddess dwelling within and inseparable from them. Holly ran an Devotional Erotic Dance workshop.

Bonnie Bliss

Bonnie Bliss is a women’s Sacred Sexuality Coach, Tantra teacher and Womb Healing specialist who has trained extensively in Europe (Scandinavia). She is most inspired by embodiment, connection, sacred sisterhood and traditional Tantra and yoga.  Bonnie took us through a Journey of Discovery of the Yoniverse, yum!

Shannon Ichikawa

Shannon Ichikawa is a woman of many loves and talents. One of her biggest passions is Aikido, closely followed by juggling, drama, song, yoga, dance, languages, inner work like co-counseling, group work and EFT, being with children, games and nature.  Shannon ran a 'Lets Play into our Flight!!!!' workshop.

Victoria Fitzgibbon

Victoria Fitzgibbon enjoys a close connection to the land. Her work is influenced by traditional cultures and stories, both Australian and International and she is guided by these teachings while adapting them for modern life. Victoria helped us Connect with our Inner SuperHero

Claudine von Niederhausern

Claudine von Niederhausern has been involved with women rites of passage and transformational work for women over more than 10 years. She is passionate about working with the body, exploring feelings and sensations and letting the innate natural wisdom of the Body do its magic. Claudine ran a Tigress Yoga workshop.

Felicity Chapman

Felicity Chapman is a mother, wife, goddess, trainee wise woman, peaceful revolutionary, loyal friend and wannabe gypsy. She is an hereditary alchemist and the Guardian of Infinite Possibilities who was always the one that didn’t quite fit society’s definition of ‘normal’. Felicity ran a lovely craft workshop to awaken of our Magick and remember how to fly!