Ninindi Johnstone

Ninindi Johnstone

Ninindi Johnstone, singer, songwriter and apprentice to an Original Lore man from the Central Desert, shares her intuited Grandmother wisdom through voice and ceremony.

“Ninindi Johnstone has one of the most healing, mother earth voices.” – Grace Hart

Her original sound is inspired by nature.

Ninindi tunes into natural surrounds to produce wonderful harmonising music which amplifies the forces of nature that sustain us.  This opens up a space for one to self heal.

Ninindi’s music will transport you to a world of authentic peace and connection with all things.

And the with same intent she has in music, her voice carries through into ceremony.

Ceremony is the honouring of all life where one is a channel to the wisdom of the Grandmothers.

Ninindi has had the opportunity to facilitate ceremony on a number of occasions where deep connection is maintained.

Having learned so much from her life partner and shaman ‘Elder’, Ninindi is capable of leading ceremony for groups where a Spirit channel is required.


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