Nelly and Betsy


Walking the Shamanic path has filled my life with gratitude and appreciation for the natural world and the spiritual energy that flows. Taking this path has brought joy, creative energy and balance into my life, giving me the drive to share what I have learnt and experienced, so that others may benefit.

I am a grandmother, Shamanic healer, counsellor, teacher, writer and artist. I love to inspire and be inspired. I love to create. I love to learn and share with others. I love to create sacred space and support others in their journey.



Through various explorations and learnings, my journey has taken me to the path of the HeARTist, of simply connecting with Joy, and helping others reconnect with their Magical Inner Child.  Passionate about the women’s journey, and how women can reclaim their own personal power, my offerings comprise reiki, laughter yoga, circles facilitation and intuitive painting.

I believe that each and one of us has wonderful unique gifts to offer.  My aim is to help others transform their perception and bring joy and abundance into their life.


A Sacred Tool for Weaving the Dream

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