Masks of Womanhood

with Zora Arthur and Kelli Brockman

masks of womanhoodAs women we discover at a very young age that wearing a mask appears to be a part of survival. We discover there is much of ourselves, which others see as unacceptable. We tuck our secrets away and some of our secrets can become deeply destructive. We all learn to wear masks from a very early age, often changing our disguises depending on who we are around and what is expected from us.

What would happen if you removed those masks?

Would you be ridiculed?

Would you fail to meet someone’s expectations?

Would you care about what people said about you?

We learn to wear many masks throughout our lives and at times we become chameleons, changing masks depending on where we are and who we
are with. The issue with wearing so many masks is that we can become completely disconnected with our Truth, disconnected with ourselves.

What happens when you remove all of the attachments and roles you play?
You are able to see yourself for your potential.  You are able to better know yourself and be able to build a new pathway for your children and children of the future.

The Masks of Womanhood Workshop is about getting Real about who you are.  It’s about discovering Self and the path you are on as Woman; linking it the past and the lineage DNA that has been carried through our Motherline.

Come, join us and remove the labels and attachments and discover your Truth, your Authentic Self. The process involves:
•       Archetypes of Womanhood explanation and group discussion. Some include: Victim, Mother, Teacher, Midwife, Prostitute, Martyr and Warrior;
•       Sharing Circle;
•       Meditation and Journeywork to let go of all attachments;
•       Shifting and Healing process;
•       Journeywork of Self Discovery through painting your personal mask representation;
•       Celebration of Self Circle

It’s time to get real and find your authentic way. It is time to Remember, Surrender and Embrace your Truth by embracing your ancestry and your personal past triumphs and mistakes which have shaped your present. Your present is what you are sharing down the motherline to your own children of the Earth. It is time to acknowledge your potential, find your truth and shift into the new way.

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