Magickal Awakenings – Remembering how to Fly

magikalwith Felicity Chapman

Come and join a magickal awakening where you learn how to reconnect with the magick held in each one of us.

When we are young the world is a magickal place. We explore and imagine and create magick. In essence we fly.

We have no concept of bills, work, responsibilities or society’s expectations. We just live in the present, we shapeshift into the characters we imagine instantly, such is our power and belief.

We talk to the trees and flowers, have tea parties with fairies, go flying on dragons, dance upon the clouds and travel to the stars on our magick carpet.

Then life happens. Society’s definitions of being a responsible adult starts to creep in like a deadly vine strangling your magick, creativity and ability to fly, until one day all that remains is just a whisper of your magickal potential.

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