Lisa Malcolm

Lisa MalcolmLisa Malcolm is an experienced spiritual practitioner and workshop facilitator. She is an environmental scientist who has been employed by Griffith University designing and presenting successful community education programs and workshops on sustainability for the University’s EcoCentre for the past 10 years.

Lisa is also an accomplished energy healer, reiki master/ teacher and past life regressionist who has been personally trained by some of the world’s leading practitioners in these fields. She is passionate about the re-merging of science and spirituality and blends her backgrounds in both, into wholistic knowledge, research and teachings.

She is co-author and researcher of the recently internationally published groundbreaking book ‘Awakening the Intelligent Heart’. Over the years, Lisa has presented spiritual workshops at various healing centres and festivals, including the 2014 Being Woman Festival where as partner in Luminous Women, Lisa co-facilitated a wombfield meditation.



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