Lisa Malcolm

Following her spiritual path from a young age, Lisa spent years living in India, Israel and Egypt and wandering around Europe,  learning some of the true and wonderful workings of the universal magic. With a great love for the Earth and a gifted intellect, Lisa became an environmental scientist and spent over a decade working within the University system, designing and presenting education programs on sustainability. Teaching that everything for a truly sustainable world already exists and to reach it, we must make the journey into our hearts and we must also re-embrace divine feminine essence.

Lisa is an accomplished energy healer, reiki master/teacher, past life regressionist, student of Unified Physics and a certified Women’s Temple facilitator, who has been personally trained by some of the world’s leading practitioners in these fields. She is co-author of the internationally published, groundbreaking book ‘Awakening the Intelligent Heart’. Lisa is passionate about the re-merging of science and spirituality and blends her backgrounds in both, into wholistic knowledge, research and teachings.

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