Kelli Brockman

Kelli BrockmanHi, my name is Kelli Brockman and I am the Creatrix and Weaver of Sacred Hearth the manifestation of my Life’s Purpose where I incorporate Soul-filled Journey Coaching, Healing Services and Magickal Products.I have many years experience working with women of varying cultures, ages and backgrounds. Through my mystical walking of Sacred Woman’s Lore I assist women to journey deeply to bridge the connection between mind, body and spirit.

My Soul Purpose is to Empower, Nurture and Support wholeness and healing for Women who desire Inspiration and a fulfilled life of Purpose & Passion.

Through my programs and workshops I encourage women to embrace their inner Wisdom and Passions to manifest Clarity and Abundance in their life. Through my transformational programs I assist women to explore their dreaming and connect more deeply to their core, authentic Self, to explore their own embodiment in both physical and spiritual aspects in connection with the Divine.

I also offer healings utilising various modalities which I approach from a place of heart connection to allow vibrational energies to transform physical, emotional & spiritual connectedness to bring in the deep wisdoms within. Through my work I utilise my inherent gift of healing to move others to a place of connectedness and physical and spiritual embodiment which allows vibrational and transformational shifts to occur to bring health and well-being and to assist in bringing into existence the deep wisdom, strength and power that is within.



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