Kate M Foster

Meet Kate M Foster, writer, sharer, truth bearer, Mother, daughter, sister & fellow adventurer in this beautiful messy life.
Kate has spent the past year travelling and contributing all around Australia and has recently returned to her home on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.  While at home the majority of Kate’s Services and Events are offered by donation making them accessible to all women. Kate offers personal sharing sessions, ‘Sit with Kate’ each week and monthly Women’s Circles and Workshops. Annual Retreats are currently offered in Australia and Fiji. 2017 also sees the release of her first book, Published by Sounds True which will see her travelling and sharing in the USA, Canada and New Zealand.
Although predominantly supporting and sharing with women, Kate also works alongside her husband Rob Foster creating Workshops and Retreats for Couples.
Here is a personal note from Kate:
Thank you for joining me. Although we may not have met, I already count you as my friend. You see sharing nakedly is scary for me. I’m pretty sure it is scary for most of us. Yet being real and vulnerable and brave is how I serve the world. And if you are here reading these words I’m pretty sure it’s how you serve the world too.
Sharing Retreats, Workshops and words is my courageous response to a world that scares the pants off me. I am one tiny frail human-being willing to expose my inner world for the benefit of others.
My prayer is that my humanness becomes a shade tree for you to rest under, a light to comfort you and a map to encourage you to keep exploring.
My intention for this life and all future lifetimes is to compassionately serve and support all beings across this whole planet. To apply a salve of presence, compassion and kindness and to all i meet.
No one escapes the seasons of life. They come to expose and lay bare our humanness, that same sacred humanness that connects each and every one of us together. Without shadows, no light. Without winter, how could we ever enjoy Spring? You see the seasons depend on each other. We do too.
My message is clear. You are not alone. United we rest. Together we walk on. Stay brave precious hearts. I share my life with many brave adventurers like yourself including my beloved Husband Rob and two precious daughters. I write to stay alive, to connect with myself and to remember the wisdom deep in my heart. You know we all have the answers planted within us right?! We simply need to listen gently to ourselves, seek support and continue to trust that we will find our way, one stepping stone at a time.
My sharings are an invitation to you. If something I share touches you, take it, use it, enjoy it. May it transform your life.
Remember to take comfort in this place where you are right now, it is the way, it’s on your map, I can see it. Regardless of how it looks it’s the perfect foundation for you to build upon.
So pretty, ugly, or indifferent, go and enjoy this big delicious smorgasbord of life. Splash that paint around, weave your way, write a book, bake a cake. Do whatever brings you joy.
But remember this:
Show up.
Be kind to yourself.
Be kind to others.
And please do join me for the Rest Reconnect Remember workshop at Being Woman in 2017. It’s so much more than a Letter Writing Workshop. It’s an invitation to your deepest heart. I promise you will harvest more than you can imagine.
Maybe we are not so different you and I?!
Take care,
With love and kindness, Kate


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